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Campus Safety and HACC Partner in Safe Pill Disposal Campaign

By campussafety on May 3, 2018


On April 30, Campus Safety and Hamilton Area Community Coalition (HACC) for Substance Abuse Prevention joined together at the Heiber Cafe to give out Deterra drug deactivation system kits to assist students with unwanted and/or outdated drug and medication disposal.  Additional free kits are available at Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and the Sustainability Office.


Campus Safety Participates in Student-Sponsored Charity Run

By campussafety on May 3, 2018

On April 26, Campus Safety participated in the student-sponsored SRS Dash at Dusk Charity Relay Run to raise money for Bosnian war refugees.  For added flair, the team dressed up as superheroes for the race.

Campus Safety Response to Meningococcal Meningitis Case

By campussafety on April 10, 2018

Image result for bacterial meningitisOn April 2, Campus Safety responded to a Colgate student in need of immediate emergency medical care and, a few hours later, was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis.  Campus Safety worked in close partnership with outside emergency agencies and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff to manage the public health emergency and ensure the health and safety of university community members.  A Medical Emergency Distribution System (MEDS) Plan close-Point of Dispensing (POD) was set-up to issue prophylaxis to those that had close contact with the patient while prevention control measures were simultaneously implemented campus-wide (public health education campaign, campus-wide cleaning, meningococcal meningitis type B vaccinations).


Coffee on the Quad

By campussafety on April 4, 2018

On April 2nd, Campus Safety served coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts to passing students and staff on the academic quad.  Campus Safety regularly hosts outreach opportunities similar to Coffee on the Quad.

New Report Writing and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software Launch

By campussafety on March 26, 2018

Image result for report exec competitive edge softwareOn March 26, the Campus Safety Department launched a new report writing and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software that will vastly improve department operational and administrative efficiency.  This advanced comprehensive software solution integrates with department operating systems across the university, facilitating greater information sharing and coordination between campus partners.



QPR Suicide Prevention Training

By campussafety on March 23, 2018

On March 19th, Campus Safety patrol officers and dispatchers received QPR Suicide Prevention Training to gain further education on recognizing the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help.

HCS Sponsored Active Shooter Training

By campussafety on March 16, 2018

Image result for new york state policeOn March 15, Campus Safety staff attended an active shooter training / coordination event hosted by Hamilton Central School (HCS) and led by the New York State Police.  The event was designed to inform educators and emergency responders on active shooter response procedures and best practices.


Morrisville State College Sponsored Active Shooter Training

By campussafety on March 11, 2018

Image result for morrisville state college active shooterOn March 9, Campus Safety attended active shooter training at Morrisville State College.  The event was attended by emergency responders from all over Madison County and included scenario-based classroom training as well as a live exercises.


Coffee on the Quad

By campussafety on February 21, 2018

Image result for coffeeOn February 14, Campus Safety served coffee and hot chocolate on the academic quad to warm up chilly students walking to and from classes.   Join us for our next “coffee on the quad” community outreach event currently scheduled for April 2.

Open House Visitor

By campussafety on January 24, 2018

On  January 24, Campus Safety held an Open House and gave tours to students, staff, and faculty (and even Raider) throughout the building’s recently renovated spaces.  Pictured here are Raider and AVP Dan Gough showing their Colgate spirit at the Open House!