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Danny Bugniazet ’19 runs clothing pop-up in NYC

By Contributing Writer on January 9, 2018

Danny Bugniazet '19 ran a pop-up clothing shop

My summer experience was a continuation of the work I have been doing for about a year now in trying to launch a clothing line with my business partner, Daniel Neeson. This summer largely revolved around our hope to successfully launch our first line of clothing which we did so at our 6 dat New York Popup retail shop. In preparing for our popup, we executed a marketing strategy that caught the attention of some of the world’s most prominent publications such as: People Magazine, GQ, Access Hollywood, and Page Six amongst many others. As for the Popup itself, we spent about 3 days straight turning an empty storefront in Soho into a fully operational retail store that attracted thousands of customers and sales. After the culmination of our shop, our most recent efforts have been to design and produce our Fall line of clothes that will be available at our online store this fall. Pine Outfitters is not only focused on providing unique, stylish and durable clothing, but also is passionate about the environment and doing its part to contribute to its sustainability. While this summer was a great success for the business, we are proud of our partnership with the National Forest Foundation that allowed us to donate over 1000 trees.

This summer was unlike my previous internship experiences. My venture this summer required me to truly take responsibility for myself as the face of a company. For the first time, I was not looked at as a student, or a young person, but as a legitimate businessman. Of course, this was quite the adjustment, but my difficult, yet rewarding experience this summer has taught me a great deal about life after college.  

Claire Binder ’17 Markets for Way.com

By Contributing Writer on December 5, 2015
Claire Binder '17

Claire Binder ’17 interned in Silicon Valley for a growing start up.

My internship was at an emerging internet company and start-up based in Silicon Valley, called way.com. An acronym for “What’s Around You,” Way is an online service marketplace, through which customers can purchase dining, parking, and tickets for competitive prices (“the Amazon of services”).

At Way.com, I worked as the Market Strategy Intern. My main responsibility was to strategize efforts to grow its customer base and visibility, particularly in its Dining department. My main project was to conduct market research on Way’s industry competitors, create a matrix to define their differences, and analyze the data for future marketing strategy.

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