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By Contributing Writer on January 24, 2017

Dear Students,

Peer tutoring is available free of charge to Colgate students who are experiencing difficulty in one or more of their current courses. The Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research (CLTR) maintains a list of Colgate undergraduates who have been nominated by their professors – and have agreed – to serve as tutors.

While the CLTR is available to help in some subjects, many departments on campus have their own tutoring or homework help sessions. At the present time, our service is mainly limited to introductory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, and Physics. For help in other subjects or in higher level courses, contact the department directly, refer to the CLTR Spring 2017 Tutoring Opportunities brochure, or feel free to contact me directly at kgbelanger@colgate.edu.

Tutoring is not a substitute for regular participation in class or direct interaction with your instructors. Before assigning a tutor, we will contact your instructor, and (a) inform that instructor that you have requested a tutor, and (b) ascertain that you are attending class regularly, keeping up with assignments, and taking advantage of office hours, homework help sessions, and other academic support generally available to all students in your class. We want your professor to know that, while you may be struggling with some part of the course, you are working hard to improve your understanding and mastery of the course material. Your professor may be able to pinpoint a particular topic that you need help with, or even recommend the most appropriate tutor.

To arrange for a tutor, simply complete and submit the CLTR Peer Tutor Request Form. After contacting your instructor, we will respond by providing contact information for one or more potential tutors. You should email the tutor immediately. If you do not hear from the tutor after 48 hours, please notify me (kgbelanger@colgate.edu).

All students need a little extra academic help sometime during their undergraduate career. Experience shows that the earlier you get that help, the better. To the best of our abilities, we will assist you in finding that help.

Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling semester,

Karyn Belanger
Associate Director of CLTR
Center for Learning, Teaching and Research
101A Lathrop Hall

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