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Class of 2017 Honors Students in Economics

By Department of Economics on August 21, 2017

The following 10 students from the Class of 2017 have earned the honors designation in the Economics Department after successfully completing their honors thesis (2 of which earned high honors):

Annie Conway, The Impact of Charter School Laws Strength on School Closures” (Faculty Sponsor: Yang Song)

Emily Gu, The International Transmission of the US Monetary Policy Shock” (Faculty Sponsor: Richard Higgins)

Gina Joseph, The effects of India’s Panchayati Raj Institutions on child marriage” (Faculty Sponsor: Carolina Castilla)

Troy Kelly, Effects of TV Contracts on NBA Salaries” (Faculty Sponsor: Benjamin Anderson and Carolina Castilla)

Meagan Klebanoff, Analyzing the Effect of the Common Fisheries Policy on the UK’s Fishing Industry: Better with Brexit?” (Faculty Sponsor: Bob Turner)

Kayla Oliver, Accounting for Hysteresis: Incorporating Invariant Output Targeting into the Three Equation Model” (Faculty Sponsor: Tom Michl and Carolina Castilla)

Santa Ramirez Rijo, Effects of Violence Prevention and Attention Units on prevalence and perceptions of intimate partner violence in the Dominican Republic” (Faculty Sponsor: Carolina Castilla)

Ieva Steponaviciute, Carbon Pricing in Input and Export Markets: Multinational Firms and Carbon Leakage using Bernard et al’s Model of Global Firms” (Faculty Sponsor: Bob Turner and Richard Klotz)

Irene Zhao, The Role of Money in a Real Business Cycle in an Open Economy” (Faculty Sponsor: Richard Higgins)

Zoe Zhong, Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes: Is Culture Relevant?” (Faculty Sponsor: Carolina Castilla and Yang Song)



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