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Geology Off Campus Trip – Summer ’00

By Contributing Writer on August 30, 2000

Click the image below to launch a slideshow of images from the trip.

Student posing with recently purchased jerky

Emily Hirshorn gives a few tips on proper O.C. nutrition.

Students and faculty pose in front of a canyon

Not a bad way to spend a summer! Tim Glotch, Emily Hirshorn, Caroline Olson, Gary Braham and Karen Harpp

Students sit on a group on a dock at a lake

Rob Otto, Caroline Olson, Dan Grady, Tim Glotch, Emily Hirshorn, Lisa Schulte and Christy Visaggi relax on the Canada Lake Store docks

People pose in front of a large rock wall

Lisa Schulte, Dorsey Wanless, and Rob Otto ponder the immensity of it all.

Students pose in children's cowboy hats

Dorsey Wanless, Lisa Mayhew, Emily Hishorn and Jann Vendetti

Students walking through a forest of aspens

Mapping among the Aspens

Students pose in front of a canyon

Caroline Olson, Emily Hirshorn, Rob Otto and Lisa Shulte

Group posing with shovels near Otter Lake

The Group at Otter Lake in the Adirondacks. Left to right: Jann Vendetti, Rob Otto, Dan Grady, Davin Hanson, Rich April, Dorsey Wanless, Caroline Olson, Di Keller, Christy Visaggi, Lisa Mayhew, Tim Glotch, Emily Hirshorn, Gary Braham, Lisa Schulte

Art and Dorsey relaxing at camp.

Art and Dorsey relaxing at camp.

Professor Bruce Selleck putting his hands in the air.

Bruce has had enough.

Student laying on his back on a cooler.

Davin Hanson – On the rocks?

Student in the water, with only his face exposed to the air.

Davin Hanson doing some water testing.

Student wearing a coat on her head, sitting in a soil pit.

Lisa Schulte guards her pH meter during the “Guess the soil pH” contest.

Coglate geology student covered waist-deep in soil.

Dorsey Wanless just didn’t want to leave her soil pit.


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