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Faculty offered desktop backup solution

By mark hine on December 17, 2014


After a successful pilot project this summer with faculty, ITS offered CrashPlan PROe, a desktop backup solution to all faculty over the fall semester. Since Colgate faculty are working on research at home, in their labs and offices, and around the world, ITS looked for a solution that would meet a broad spectrum of needs.

  1. Security: The solution automatically copies files and stores them securely in the cloud. Each file is individually encrypted using 448-bit encryption with a key known only to specific Colgate professional staff and then sent over via 128-bit SSL to the CrashPlan cloud. Files are not accessible by CrashPlan staff or any third party and your data is kept private.
  2. Support: Crashplan protects against the “nightmares” – a lost or stolen laptop, a crashed hard drive or a mistaken deletion of a work in progress. CrashPlan PROe, as a centralized service, allows ITS to provide support in restoring files, but it also allows each user to restore their own files at a point in time without support. Additionally, you can choose what to backup.
  3. Research Needs: Research needs vary, and CrashPlan PROe, allows for up to four devices and allows for unlimited data (yes, unlimited). Where needed, ITS has offered a second license to meet  faculty members needs.
  4. Versioning and Integration: CrashPlan can back up your synced Google Drive and Dropbox files, if you use these tools. While convenient, Dropbox and Google Drive are like hard drives, subject to potential data loss and accidental deletion. CrashPlan provides versioning – meaning restoring from a specific date is possible.
  5. Convenience: Once installed and configured it truly is a “set it and forget it” operation – providing peace of mind that your data is stored safely and securely.

Over 20% of faculty have taken advantage of the product and we know that faculty have already retrieved data from their installation and put off purchases of additional hard drives. Installation takes a few steps and like other services, a call to our helpdesk will allow faculty to use the product. Once it’s set, no additional work is needed. If your product is not running, an automated email will be sent to you and you can check in on your back-ups anytime you would like.  CrashPlan PROe has many additional features.  Learn more about CrashPlan PROe by reviewing the Getting Started Guide or by viewing one of the many webinars available.

CREDIT: Ellen Holm, Director of Infrastructure Services, Don Rhodes, Senior Network & Systems Administrator and Mark Hine, ITS Project and Communications Manager


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