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Innovations Newsletter Fall 2018 – Classroom Technology Update

By mark hine on October 22, 2018

Classroom Technology Update

By Mark Hine

In cooperation with faculty, the facilities department, and vendors, ITS annually upgrades a swath of learning spaces to improve the quality, consistency, and reliability of classroom technology.

This summer, the second floor of McGregory Hall and several classrooms in Little Hall were refreshed with new lecterns, projectors, peripherals, and projection screens. In particular, our first foray into laser-based projection was installed in some of the larger classrooms. Laser projectors are lampless, resulting in no lamp failures or changes. Moreover, these projectors are much brighter, have a long life span (over 20,000 hours), and retain their full brightness longer.

As part of these most recent upgrades, we devised a standard graphical user interface for touch panels. Touch panels are used to select which source is displayed, and control volume and peripherals, such as Blu-ray players. We are continuing to update and upgrade these control panels to reduce confusion and provide a consistent experience from classroom to classroom.

In addition to classroom upgrades, we installed over a dozen televisions across campus and continue to upgrade classroom, event, and meeting facilities.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding Colgate’s classroom technology, please e-mail Mark Hine at mhine@colgate.edu or call 315-228-7116.

Wireless Projection

Wireless projection enables faculty, staff, and students to display content, from a laptop or phone, on a TV or data projector without the tangle of cables or a myriad of adapters.

ITS has explored numerous technologies and software solutions, finding some benefits to each but often learning of a show-stopping feature or deficit that encouraged further research. In addition to working with an enterprise network, a wireless projection device should be able to handle sound from  PowerPoint or YouTube, for example, and mirror video in full resolution.

ITS has successfully tested and deployed a product which meets these demands called ShareLink. The ShareLink device is mounted out of sight and is accessed by software. Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android are supported. Each device is addressed uniquely by its IP address and a code only visible in the room where it’s deployed. This ensures only a local user or users may connect.

Up to four computers or phones can connect simultaneously, allowing students to share work and compare notes. The ShareLink supports extended desktop (think presenter notes in PowerPoint) and a feature where a student can use the software to simply view, on their laptop or phone, what is projected.

The ShareLink can currently be found in 560 Case Library, 114 and 207 Little Hall, Benton Career Commons, the Benton Seminar Room, and a few meeting rooms. More deployments are planned in the coming semester.

If you are interested in previewing this device, please send an e-mail to itshelp@colgate.edu. We would be happy to show you the ShareLink!

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