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Lampert Institute Fellowships – 2016

By Aaron Solle on July 15, 2016

Haley Allen ’17
Memory Struggles in the Schoolyard: Chilean Youth in Private and Public Institutions
Sponsor: Heather Roller

Lorelai Avram ’17
Moving towards a Post-Colonial Archaeology: Surpassing Nationalist and Colonial Discourses in South-African Archaeology
Sponsor: Mary Moran

Anne Canning ’17
William Still and the Fight to End Discrimination on Railway Cars in Philadelphia:
Uniting the Abolitionist and Civil Rights Movements in the Fight Against Segregation

Sponsor: Graham Hodges

Sophie Coffman ’17
China Dream; The Art and Rhetoric of Rejuvenation

Sponsor: John Crespi

Weilin (Emily) Gu ’17
The Determinants and Consequences of Irrational School Choice
Sponsor: Yang Song

Angela Jang ’17
Life in a Nuclear Neighborhood: Nuclear Plant Host communities in South Korea
Sponsor: Daisaku Yamamoto

Haesel Kim ’17
Contending Narratives on “Comfort Women” in South Korea and Japan
Sponsor: David Robinson

James Long ’17
Reducing Recidivism in the Juvenile Justice System ­ An Alternative Method:
A Case Study of the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy in Evanston, Illinois

Sponsor: Gregory Wolf

Anh (Julie) Nguyen ’17
Multicultural Education for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam: A Case Study in Hoa Binh for the Muong, Thai and H’Mong Ethnic Groups
Sponsor: John Palmer

Onyeka Nwabbunia ’17
She Leads Nigeria: Perceptions of Politics, Political representation, and Grassroots
Organizations Among Young Nigerian Women

Sponsor: Mary Moran

Shambhavi Sawhney ’17
Make in India’ and its Economic Impact on the Indian Handloom Sector
Sponsor: Jyoti Khanna

Maria Dorin Shayo ’17
Out of the Calabash and Into the Pillbox:
The Standardization of Traditional Medicine and Related Healing Practices in Tanzania

Sponsor: Harvey Sindima

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