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Lampert Institute Fellowships – 2017

By Aaron Solle on October 27, 2017

Hunter Filer ’18
Sponsor: Janel Benson
“Efterskole: School for All? Non-Western Immigrant, Descendant, and Refugee Students’ Experiences Regarding Bullying, Fighting, and Isolation in Danish Efterskole”

Filer Abstract
Filer Lampert Paper


Holly Geranen ’18
Sponsor: Ashley Taylor

“Presumption of Ability: The Intersection of Disability and Immigration Labels in Education”

Geranen Abstract
Geranen Lampert Paper


Angelica Greco ’18
Sponsor: Dai Yamamoto

“Who’s Calling the Shots on Nuclear Decommissioning: A Case Study of Scriba, NY and Vernon, VT”

Greco Abstract
Greco Lampert Paper


Matthew Kato ’19
Sponsor: Robert Nemes

“Tourism’s Mixed Bag: An Emic Investigation Into the Impacts of the Tourist Industry in Andalusia, Spain”

Kato Abstract
Kato Lampert Paper



Woohee Kim ’18
Sponsor: Anna Rios

“Korean Youth Activism and Education: Negotiating Knowledge and Power to Create New Sites of Learning

Kim Abstract
Kim Lampert Paper


Benjamin Ringel ’18

Sponsor: Danielle Lupton

“Why States Proliferate? A case study of the factors behind South African Nuclear Proliferation”

Ringel Abstract
Ringel Lampert Paper



Samto Wongso ’19
Sponsor: William Meyer

“Resource Consumption of Residential Areas in the Suburbs of a Medium-Sized Indonesian City, Palu: An Exploratory Study”

Wongso Abstract
Wongso Lampert Paper


Seung-Ah Yang ’19

Sponsor: William Meyer

“How Does Proximity to Public Amenity Affect Subjective Well-Being and Housing Price?: A Focused Study in Yeong-do, Busan”

Yang Abstract
Yang Lampert Paper



Gabby Yates ’19
Sponsor: Ellen Kraly

“Child Artists of the Australian Nation: A Geographic Analysis of the Story and Legacies of the ‘Child Artists of Carrolup’”

Yates Abstract
Yates Lampert Paper




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