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Yuliya Karashel’14: It’s Never Too Late To Learn New Things

By Timmera Whaley'15 on July 11, 2014
Yuliya Karashel'14

Born in Izmail, Ukraine
Lives in Utica, NY

Major: International Relations

Minor: Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilizations

Utica Refugee Tutoring
Colgate Christian Fellowship
SGA Committee Member on Information Technology
Mock Trial
International Relations Committee

Award and Scholarships:
Multiple-time recipient of Dean’s List
Frederick W. Doescher ’26 Scholarship

How did you hear about Colgate?
Since I live in Central New York, Colgate University is a well known educational institution among prospective college students and a university to which several of my peers were applying. An admissions representative from the university visited my high school during my senior year. When I spoke with her, I decided that Colgate would be a good fit for me. I really did not think I would be accepted to the school, let alone be hand-selected as an OUS Scholar. I still remember the confusion and surprise I experienced as I read and re-read my acceptance letter. The years I have spent here since then have been the most memorable and challenging years of my life.

How has OUS impacted your Colgate experience?
Going through the OUS program has taught me to develop a good academic work ethic, manage my time wisely, and to immerse myself in the realm of learning. It helped refine my writing, reading, and critical thinking skills. It also helped me be more confident about my abilities as a student. I have met a handful of incredible faculty and have built friendships that will last a lifetime. My OUS family has seen me through very good times and very bad times, and I am glad to have such wonderful people in my life and during my time at Colgate.

What was one of your greatest experiences abroad?
During my winter break in 2014, I visited Enschede, Netherlands for one week as a participant in EuroSim, which is a simulation of the European Union where American and European students debate a hot-topic issue. It was a fantastic experience because I got to apply my classroom knowledge of the European Union through highly intellectual and stimulating debate. I also got the chance to meet some amazing people, tour the country, and experience Dutch culture.

Describe a Colgate experience that is dear to you.
Since my first year at Colgate, I have been working as a computer consultant for Information Technology Services. This has been a very valuable experience for me during my time at Colgate because I gained a myriad of technical and practical skills. I went from having very little understanding about technology to gaining extensive knowledge about various devices, operating systems, and networks. This experience has taught me that, regardless of my major and my career goals, it is never too late to pursue an interest and learn something that is outside of my comfort zone.

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