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Senior Reflection: Joe Aiken ’16

By Nali Byrd '19 on May 4, 2016

Name: Joshua (Joe) Aiken

Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

1. What type of activities are you involved in on campus?

I spent time on the Link staff, worked as an SGA campaign manager (my team was elected obviously), spoke in the In Your Company segment of freshman orientation, performed in This Is Not a Play About Sex (positive sexuality initiative on campus), acted as the Philanthropy Chair for Phi Kappa Tau, served as the Interfraternity Council President, and will graduate as a member of the Konosioni Senior Honor Society. 

2. What legacy/ idea are you hoping to leave at Colgate when you graduate? 

12662536_1103789526308076_7305669647273720627_nAll these accolades and involvements are fine, but I kind of lost steam by the end of my spring
semester junior year. It’s not that I was burnt out from the work. I think I just became unenthused by my surroundings. Colgate is a school of accomplishment and we even speak in a language of accomplishment: “I worked here last summer. I am working there next
summer. I just left (x) important meeting, now I am en route to a more important meeting.” These things become draining after a while, and I realized that I was working to prove a point that’s not worth proving to people that wh0 [for the most part] are of no consequence to my life. So, to end this long winded response, I’d like to leave behind the legacy of ‘doin’ you’ — whatever that may constitute. Make a way, make things happens, and grab a ‘yes’ in a room full of no’s.

3. How has being in OUS impacted your college experience? Do you see OUS impacting your life after Colgate?

OUS has already impacted my life after Colgate. During the summer program, I met four guys who will forever be my brothers. These are the individuals who will be the best men at my wedding. OUS has enabled me to acquire resources and friendships that I wouldn’t have been able to survive college without — and for that — I am forever indebted to the program. I do not get the chance to vocalize this often, but I attribute all of my success to Frank Frey, Frank Kuan, Andrea Finley, Professor Spires, and all of the other key players in the OUS family. 


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