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Enrique Nunez ’19 First Gen Profile

By Nali Byrd '19 on December 13, 2017
Name: Enrique Nuñez
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Educational Studies
Minor: Latin American Studies
What clubs are you a part of at Colgate:
I currently serve as the Intern for OUS and First Gen Programs. I am a part of the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Link Staff, and a Bystander Intervention Intern.
What does being in the first gen program mean to you?:
Being a first-generation college student has been hard, my experiences in navigating Colgate without much support from my family is different in comparison to students whose parents did go to college and somewhat know what their child is going through. Being in the first- gen program means the world to me because it has given me a support system that I can lean on whenever I need to. I have been allowed to meet some of the most amazing people through First Gen and OUS who are now my best friends.
What has been your highlight of Colgate so far?
My favorite Colgate moments have been when I was able to travel abroad to Ecuador on a service-learning trip sponsored by COVE. On this trip, I was able to reflect on my past two years at Colgate and gain a better sense of what I want from my Colgate experience. Since the trip, I have dropped my International Relations major to major in Educational Studies because that department suited more towards my passions.
What advice would you give to younger students at Colgate?
Do what you are truly passionate about whether that be joining a club sport, majoring in Economics or wanting to become fluent in a language. I believe that if you pursue what you desire most only then will you be able to make Colgate yours.
What would you change about Colgate if you could?
The reason that I came to Colgate was due to the financial aid package that I was offered — something that I would not have known about if Colgate did not send an admissions counselor to my high school. I wish Colgate focused more energy on sending admissions counselors to underrepresented schools throughout the country, schools like my own that mostly consisted of low-income students of color who, if looked at, could also take part in the opportunities that Colgate has to offer.

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