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Senior research projects 2016-2017

By Jonathan Levine on September 28, 2017

Members of our senior class investigated an impressive range of research topics in the past year.

Louis Agro ‘17

“An Investigation of Nematic Liquid Crystals Through Surface Anchoring and Birefringence Measurements”

Shane Buchanan ‘17

“Breather Vortex Interactions in Josephson Junction Ladders”

Zachary Cleary ‘17

“Investigating Magmatic Processes on San Cristóbal, Galápagos Through Analysis and Modeling of Newly Acquired Gravity Measurements”

Ben Cvarch ‘17

“New Approach to Creating Monstar Singularities Using Asymmetric Q-Plates”

Ishir Dutta ‘17

“Biogenic Nanoparticles in Municipal Wastewater Treatment”

Joel Friedman ‘17

“Examining Bifurcations in Systems of Coupled Oscillating Josephson Junctions”.

Leah Jenks ‘17

“Gravitational Production of Superheavy Dark Matter in the Inflationary Epoch of the Early Universe”

Katherine Karnes ‘17

“Optical Spectroscopy of the Moon, Jupiter, and the Galilean Moons”

Jonah Kudler-Flam ‘17

“Effects of Low-temperature Reheating on the Matter Power Spectrum”

Max Kurzner ‘17

“Starspot Parameter and Numerical Uncertainty Determination for AA Tau: Towards Understanding How the Stars Got Their Spots”

Katharine Lukaszewicz ‘17

“Low Cost Solar Tracking in Uganda”

Chris Martinez ‘17

“Manipulation of Microscopic Objects with an Optical Tweezer”

Carolyn Morris ‘17

“A Technical Study of the Residual Bulk Image in the FLI PL1001 CCD”

Jessica O’Malley ‘17

“Barnacle Exoskeleton Formation”

Eric Palmerduca‘17

“Effects of Network Topology on Hippocampal Memory Capacity”

Catherine Sawyer ‘17

“How hard can it be? Examining the micro-hardness of the shell-adhesive-shell boundary of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)”

Zachary Weaver ‘17

    “The June 2016 Optical and Gamma-Ray Flare of the Blazar 3C454.3 and Optical Micro-Variability”

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