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Colgate students participate in non-profit career immersion trip

By Contributing Writer on January 6, 2015
Colgate undergraduates learn about non-profit careers during a Common Good immersion trip in NYC.

Colgate students learn about non-profit careers during an immersion trip in NYC.

The Max A. Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE) and Colgate Career Services began Thanksgiving Break by taking a group of twenty Colgate undergraduates to New York City for a non-profit career immersion trip and alumni networking reception sponsored by the Common Good Professional Network.

“The students who participated blew us away with their preparation for the trip and engagement throughout the visits,” said Krista Saleet, director of the COVE. The students visited four non-profit organization: Fiver (Tom Tucker ’67, Chairman) , Cities of Service (Rachel Greenburg ’10, Program Manager), the Malala Fund (PJ Kadzik ’12, Program Coordinator) and the Rockefeller Archives (Jim Smith ’70, Vice President/Director of Research and Education).

“The alumni who hosted us at the various sites shared great information about their organizations and career paths that helped illuminate a path forward for students interested in common good careers,” Saleet said.

“Each organization provided me with first-hand experience of what it is like to work at and be involved in the non-profit sector,” said Jade Dennett ’15. “Overall, this trip increased my knowledge of the non-profit sector as a whole, and it also gave me the opportunity to start building connections with successful, passionate alumni who are in this field of work. I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about the non-profit world.”

Theresa Solinger ’15, agrees: “I found it most interesting that almost everyone with whom we spoke expressed a similar reason for choosing to work in the non-profit world – a need to believe in the purpose of one’s work. I was happy to hear that each person felt genuinely fulfilled by their work, even with the challenges that follow. Tom Tucker ’67 said Fiver, which he founded, has been the “thrill of his life.” That expression has stuck with me, and I hope to feel that way about wherever I find myself after Colgate.”

The Common Good Network is one of Colgate’s Professional Networks, introducing alumni, parents and students to fellow Colgate community members working in common industries. Through the Professional Networks, alumni, parents and students are able to build Colgate contacts at regional events and through lively LinkedIn groups.

For more information about the Common Good Network and other Professional Network opportunities, please visit www.colgate.edu/networks.



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