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EverRepair – 5 Ways to Break Your Phone, 1 Way to Fix It by Francisco Flores ’17

By Contributing Writer on November 23, 2015
Francisco Flores

Francisco Flores ’17

EverRepair is an iPhone repair service founded and operated by Francisco Flores ‘17 and Daniel Martucci ‘17, through the Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute. With mentorship and resources provided by TIA and the Colgate Bookstore, we were able to recently begin working out of the bookstore, offering affordable, convenient, and professional service by certified technicians for Apple repair needs.

Nowadays, the most common iPhone injury is the cracked screen. It seems as though the slightest impact can shatter an entire phone screen, making it nearly impossible to use. Here we’ve compiled five of the craziest stories students have told about breaking their phones. These stories are based on real scenarios, as told to technicians at EverRepair.

5 Ways to Break Your Phone, 1 Way to Fix It

Daniel Martucci '17

Daniel Martucci ’17

5. The Drop – “This may have been the biggest mix of stupidity and bad luck ever. I was running late for an interview in New York City when I realized I had forgotten my phone in my dorm room, on the third floor. With no time to spare, I had the passenger of my car call my roommate to drop my phone down to me…from the third story window. As I watched the iPhone falling towards me with the speed of a bullet, I freaked out, stepped aside and let it hit the ground. Luckily, it landed in the grass but after closer inspection discovered it had landed directly on a rock, shattering the entire screen and now half of the screen was black. I thought I would have to get an entirely new phone, but I had heard about EverRepair, and decided to have them check it out first. After the free diagnostic test that they offered, I got the good news that they would be able to fix it. I had a brand new iPhone within an hour!” (Colgate junior)

4. The Invincible Screen Protector – “I had just gotten my brand new iPhone 6 and decided not to spend the money on a quality case, and opted for the new tempered-glass screen protector, since they are supposed to prevent your screen from breaking, or so I thought. Later that night at a party, I was bragging about how strong the screen protector was, and to demonstrate I stood up, held out my phone and dropped it screen first, fully confident that it would be stay in perfect condition. As I picked it up, I realized that not only was the screen protector broken, but the entire screen underneath was shattered and unresponsive. I was really embarrassed, and I realized that this could be the end of my day old phone. I reached out to EverRepair and they met me the next day, fixed my phone in just one hour (after I thought it was completely done for), and even installed a new screen protector!” (Colgate sophomore)

3. The Relief Throw – “Well, I was at the library for hours upon hours finishing a research paper I had put off till the last minute, like most “responsible” college kids do on occasion. To avoid any distractions, I put my iPhone in the front pocket of my backpack and zipped it to keep it far out of reach. Coming up on hour 8 in the library, I finally finished and going to bed was the only thing on my mind. I raced home, got to my room, tossed my backpack on the ground and dove into bed. The next morning I could not find my phone for the life of me. I realized I had left it in my backpack, but when I went to retrieve it, it was completely shattered from me throwing my backpack and all of my books landing on it. The screen still worked but it was so cracked that pieces of glass were cutting my finger. I immediately scheduled an appointment with EverRepair, and they were able to fix my phone in an hour!” (Colgate senior)everrepair

2. Learn-to-Skate – “This is such a dumb story but whatever. I was at the open hours in the ice skating rink at Colgate. I am from southern California so I am obviously not a great ice skater. I was skating around when I lost control and both of my feet flew out from under me, and I slammed down on my butt. My butt hurt, but even worse, my phone was in my back pocket and the screen was shattered and different colored lines were going everywhere and I couldn’t use it! I figured I would have to drive all the way to Syracuse for someone to just look at it to potentially tell me they couldn’t do anything and I would have to get a new phone. My friend told me about a new iPhone repair service right here on campus called EverRepair. They offered a free diagnostic so, with nothing to lose, I went to them totally expecting bad news. To my surprise, they said it was an easy fix, and returned my phone in under an hour! I have never been more impressed.” (Colgate freshman)

1. The Overreaction – “It was Tuesday and nothing was going on, so we got a group of kids together to watch a scary movie. I’m really into scary movies, but this one turned out to be one of the scariest movies I have seen in a while. In one part there was a big lull and then someone popped out and my friend, anticipating the moment, screamed directly into my ear. I got so scared that I threw my phone at the wall. It was obvious that it was broken since bits of glass surrounded the phone now lying face down on the floor. Everything still worked, but the entire screen was covered with cracks. I knew I was never going to get it fixed because I didn’t have the time to drive to New Hartford. My friend referred me to EverRepair and it made things so much easier, since it’s on campus and especially since I only had to be without my phone for an hour!” (Colgate junior)

So, here’s how it works. Customers simply make an appointment with one of our certified technicians through the website, http://www.EverRepair.com/. Once the appointment is set up, the customer drops off their phone, and returns in an hour to pick up their fully repaired phone. Our service offers Colgate students and others a brand new alternative to driving hours to have their phones repaired. EverRepair also offers competitive rates compared to other repair stores located in New Hartford and Syracuse. So when you’re at school, there are countless ways to break your phone, but there is only one fast and convenient way to fix it. EverRepair. A company run by students for students!!!

Frankie Flores is a hard working junior at Colgate University, majoring in Computer Science. He comes from Tampa, FL and is the president of Theta Chi fraternity. He also DJs in his spare time.

Dan Martucci is also a junior at Colgate double majoring in Geography and History. He’s from Princeton, NJ and is also a member of Theta Chi.

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  • Faylinn said:

    I drop my phone probably about once a day and so it’s probably no surprise that I need to get a screen repair done. However, I don’t think I have ever made the mistake of having someone toss me my phone from three floors above me. However, I do think that it is pretty cool that Colgate college students have access to a student-run repair team. Does EverRepair only work with students or has it expanded to the community at large? My college doesn’t offer this service, but I have a pretty good repair service near me that I might be using soon.

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