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Opioid research conducted with Bassett Research Institute to be published

By Upstate Institute on June 7, 2017

The research on New York State’s opioid crisis, conducted by faculty and students at Colgate in collaboration with the Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, will be published in the journal “Drug and Alcohol Dependence.” This article looks at the research on  prescribing patterns and opioid overdose morbidity in New York from 2010 through the second quarter of 2016, before mandatory use of the state’s controlled substances database began in August 2013. The research project looked at morbidity (complications and health effects) from overdoses, not mortality, because the numbers are much bigger.


ENST 390 students release data on village deer population

By Upstate Institute on November 17, 2016

Students in the Environmental Studies 390 course, entitled “Community Based Studies of Environmental Issues” taught by Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Catherine Cardelús, have shared the results of surveys they conducted about the perspective of community members and students on the culling of deer in the village of Hamilton.


“The Status of White-Tailed Deer in Hamilton” presentation, held at the Hamilton Public Library on November 16, included updated data on the deer population in and around the Village of Hamilton. Data was shared through a powerpoint presentation, and through the brochures, available below.

ENST 390 Research Page 1

ENST 390 Research Page 2


Godwin publishes book on the symbolism of Freemasonry in Upstate New York

By Upstate Institute on May 26, 2016

SymbolsJoscelyn Godwin and coauthor Christian Goodwillie (Hamilton College) have just published Symbols in the Wilderness: Early Masonic Survivals in Upstate New York. The title was published by Richard W. Couper Press, with funding from the Upstate Institute.

Freemasonry played a vital role in the social development of New York State. Its Lodges provided a trusted place for newcomers to meet and for friendships and business partnerships to develop, free from political, professional, and sectarian differences. During its explosive growth from 1790 to the end of the 1820s Masonic brethren produced iconic architecture, as well as extraordinary examples of folk art, expressed in large symbolic paintings (“tracing boards”), murals, textiles, and graphics. Most of these have remained entirely unknown outside the Upstate Lodges that, against all hazards, have preserved them. Their symbolism seems mysterious and confusing to outsiders, but once explained, it gives insight into a period and place unique in American history.

Joscelyn Godwin is Professor of Music at Colgate University. He previously published The Spirit House, or Brown’s Free Hall, in Georgetown, New York with the Upstate Institute. Symbols in the Wilderness is available for purchase at Couper Press.

Upstate Funded Project on Drone Warfare at Palace Theater March 21

By Upstate Institute on February 25, 2016

Jacob Mundy, Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, and Valerie Morkevicius, Assistant Professor of Political Science, will hold a public symposium at the Palace Theater in Hamilton on March 21, 2016 at 4:30 pm. “Drone Warfare and the Implication for Upstate New York” will include participants Daniel R. Brunstetter, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California at Irvine; Charles J Dunlap, Professor of the Practice of Law and Executive Director, Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, Duke School of Law; and Nicholas Rostow, Charles Evans Hughes Visiting Chair of Government and Jurisprudence, Colgate University. Harry Murray, Professor of Sociology, Nazareth University and member of Upstate Drone Action, will respond.

The federal government’s desire to increased the range and precision of counterterrorism targeting programs with drones means that drones are often operated from bases inside the United States, including Hancock Air Force Base near Syracuse. While there is already a rich debate over the effects of drone warfare on the areas it targets, the implications of drone warfare for communities that host such programs is poorly understood. The participants in this symposium will collectively explore the significant yet unexplored consequences of drone warfare on those who are exposed to it and those who wage it.

Three Faculty Awarded Course Development Grants

By Upstate Institute on September 29, 2015

Janel Benson of Sociology and Anthropology, Jessica Graybill of Geography (“Urban Geography”), and Tim McCay of Biology (“Applied Natural Resource Conservation”) were recently awarded course development grants through the Upstate Institute.

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Chris Henke Assumes Position of Upstate Institute Director

By Upstate Institute on July 1, 2015

Christopher Henke, Associate Professor of Sociology, begins a three year term as Director of the Upstate Institute on July 1, 2015. In this position, Henke will oversee the programs and initiatives of the Institute, and will continue to strengthen connections between Colgate faculty and the greater Upstate New York community. He will work with Project Director Julie Dudrick, who oversees the Upstate Institute Summer Field School and community-based research throughout the academic year.

Chris Henke, Associate Professor of Sociology, becomes the Director of the Ustate Institute on July 1, 2015.

Chris Henke, Associate Professor of Sociology, becomes the Director of the Upstate Institute on July 1, 2015.

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Faculty Research Projects Receive Funding

By Upstate Institute on June 1, 2015

Three faculty-proposed research projects on the Upstate New York region will be funded by the Upstate Institute in the coming year.  These funded projects will promote community collaboration and civic engagement through the creation of knowledge and enhance community capacity throughout the region. Each year, the Upstate Institute chooses projects to fund in order to promote scholarly research that relates to the region’s social, economic, environmental, and cultural assets. Faculty receiving a research award share their research at the annual Upstate Institute Research Symposium.

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UI to cosponsor Public Scholarship panel with Colgate Libraries

By Upstate Institute on March 13, 2015

The Colgate University Libraries will continue its University Library Colloquium series with an event on April 1st that will feature a panel discussion on public scholarship. The event will be cosponsored by the Upstate Institute and chaired by Upstate Institute Director Ellen Percy Kraly. Panelists will include April Baptiste (Professor of Environmental Studies), Dan Schult (Hetherington Professor of Mathematics), and Nicole Simpson (Professor of Economics and Associate Dean of the Faculty for International Initiatives).

The event will be from 12:15 – 1:15 pm in Case-Geyer 560, and lunch will be available.  Please RSVP Karen Johnson, kjohnston@colgate.edu , if you will be attending.

Colgate Faculty May Apply for Course Development Grants

By Upstate Institute on January 5, 2015

Colgate Faculty may apply for an Upstate Institute course development grant through March 20, 2015. Course Development Grants provide faculty with the resources necessary to offer students immediate opportunities to apply research skills in the support of local agencies that exist to provide service to the community. A Course Development Grant will support a course that provides a community-based research component in one or more disciplines while addressing a significant, community-identified need. 

Applications are available on our Faculty Resources page.

Course Development Grants Available for Faculty

By Upstate Institute on May 5, 2014

Colgate’s Dean of the Faculty office announces the availability of a new course development grant program that promotes civic and/or community-based education in our curriculum. Beginning in 2014-2015, faculty may apply for one or more course development grants offered by the Upstate Institute, the Max Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE), and the Center for Learning, Teaching and Research, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. These grants will be payable as a stipend to faculty members who are developing a course that fits the objectives as outlined by each sponsoring program. In addition, faculty may propose a budget to the sponsoring program for funds that will be used while the course is being taught.

Faculty at any level may apply for these opportunities. The course may be new or a substantial redesign of a course the faculty member has already taught. Each sponsoring program will provide a unique application for funding through their office along with a description of the goals that each program has for the courses that will be taught, on which applications will be evaluated. All applications will require a course description and a statement concerning how the course relates to or enhances the program’s mission. Applications should also include a budget to be used during the class which conforms to the guidelines as set forth by Colgate’s Research Council (available at the Funding Opportunities website).  All applications will require the signature of a department or program chair and the division director before submission.

By accepting the grant, the faculty member is expected to teach the course that was developed two times in the following four academic years. Faculty will also be expected to share the results of their course development work with others through various media as outlined by each sponsoring program, and should be prepared to work with the sponsoring program on a plan for course assessment.

The application for an Upstate Institute Course Development Grant is available for download on our Faculty Resources page. These are due on January 30, 2015.