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Benton Bio: Colin Shipley

By bentonscholars on April 4, 2013

ShipleyI am currently a sophomore Benton Scholar majoring in Chemistry and Economics. My interests include renewable technologies, entrepreneurship, soccer, and ping pong. Additionally, I have a passion for international travel, and I make a conscious effort to take advantage of any opportunity Colgate offers to travel abroad.

Since I arrived at Colgate I have traveled to nine countries, either with a Colgate group or having received funding from a Colgate organization. My favorite trip occurred in May after my freshman year when the 2015 Benton Scholars traveled to Rwanda and Uganda. From exploring the capital city of each country to helping with water sanitation testing in a rural village, everything about the experience seemed like an alternate reality.

I strongly believe it is important to explore the world outside the one in which you live and to learn and understand how others choose to live, whether next door or across the world. Colgate and the Benton Scholars program have helped me to pursue this goal to the utmost extent, and I know incoming students, Bentons and non-Bentons alike, will be afforded the same multitude of opportunities to get to know the world and better understand ours in the process.


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