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2012 Benton Scholars Travel to Russia

By bentonscholars on April 16, 2013

As a member of the Benton Scholars Program in the Class of 2012, I traveled to Russia with Professor Timothy Byrnes and my fellow Benton Scholars for ten days between my freshman and sophomore year. This was my first international travel experience. I saw the sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg and spoke with a professor from Moscow University about the role of religion in contemporary Russian society. As a result of traveling in Russia, I learned first-hand the importance of understanding and appreciating diversity in order to successfully engage and work with people from an unfamiliar culture. This was the start of my journey in becoming a global citizen. I began to learn how nations interact, how the world perceives the United States, and the traits one must assume to become a leader in our globalizing society.

Boat in St PetersburgSt Basil's

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