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BS Trip to Argentina

By Nicci Moran-Guiati '16 on May 17, 2013

As I pack for our departure in 3 days, the excitement for the trip is clearly escalating. Argentina themed snapchats are running rampant amongst the Bentons. Obviously everyone is pretty excited. It’s hard to say what part of the trip I’m most excited for, but I think in terms of culture, I’m really excited to see how the Italian presence in Argentina has influenced the culture there. I’m also really excited just to see the amazing architecture in Buenos Aires. Supposedly, it’s been called the Paris of South America, so I’m extremely excited to see the architecture, one of my favorite parts of traveling. When we go to Salta and Iguazu Falls, I can’t wait to see the terrain. I’ve never been to a place with such extreme variations in terrain so I can’t wait to see the mountains, the flatlands, the lakes, the rainforest, and obviously to see some llamas. It should be an amazing B.S. adventure.

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