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Trip to Argentina: Hopes and Expectations

By Caleb Eckenwiler '16 on May 17, 2013

41+ Million people, 1.073 million square miles, 23 provinces, 1 country: Argentina. Shortly after finishing our freshman year in college, the Class of 2016 Benton Scholars will travel to Argentina for close to three weeks. We will spend time in Buenos Aires, Iguazu, and Salta experiencing and immersing ourselves in Argentina culture and history.

One aspect about Argentine history that I am particularly interested in is the Dirty War. After learning extensively about the disappearances, and sometimes execution,  of political dissidents during the Peron Era this semester, I am interested to learn more about the time period, but from the Argentine perspective. Although the subject is still avoided today, the taboo is slowly lifting as the government delves deeper into the disappearances of thousands of citizens.

Choosing one or even two aspects of the trip that I am most excited for would be difficult, so I will have to make do with choosing three. The three parts that I am interested in the most are the trip to the world famous Iguazu Falls, the tour of Street Art and Graffiti in Buenos Aires, and the soccer match in Buenos Aires.


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