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Trip to Argentina: Thoughts Before our Travels

By jkuchan on May 17, 2013

Ever since I got into the Benton Scholars Program, I have been excited to travel to Argentina. While I have extensively traveled throughout the world, I have never made it to South America. In less than a week, all that will change.

In preparation for this trip, each freshman Benton had to chose a class that related to Argentina and South America. I decided to take a history class entitled The Making of Latin America. While the class focussed on South America as a whole, I did get glimpses into Argentina’s history. Therefore, the aspect of Argentine culture I find most interesting is how the Dirty War has shaped the Argentine psyche. The Dirty War is dark time in Argentina history during the late 1970s-early 1980s where leaning leftists were heavily persecuted. To this day, no one knows for sure how many people “disappeared.” It is estimated 13,000 were killed during this time.

Naturally, a mass killing executed by the government takes its toll on the people. While I understand the topic of the Dirty War is not carried out in daily conversation, most people are still affected by this haunting event. I honestly don’t know how I will learn more about this piece of culture while in Argentina. Getting into the psyche of Argentine culture requires more time spent in the country. Yet, the most apparent way to learn more about this event is visiting President Nestor Kirchner’s Memorial Park where the names of thousands of Dirty War victims have been etched on the wall alongside the River Plate. Hopefully, I can visit this memorial to further understand the scope of this horrible time.

While I don’t know what to expect from this trip, I’m excited to get to experience a new culture in a new part of the world. This truly will be a special trip to remember throughout the ages.


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