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Allana Edwards ’17: Writing blogs and taking names

By Christelle Boursiquot '15 on November 14, 2013
Allan Edwards '17

Allana Edwards ’17

OUS Scholar Allana Edwards, class of 2017, articulates the crucial differences between the New York City that dazzles audiences on television, and the grim reality of the ‘Other’ New York City. This smart piece is entitled “TV New York, And The ‘Other’ New York”. The link for the site where Edward’s piece is published is below.


How did you begin to write?

I started writing probably right after I started reading. I learned to read when I was four, and with each year I got better and better and read a lot more. Since then, I wanted to write like my favorite authors, and make an impact on lives the way they have.

How did you get your blog published? 

I’m always reading blogs, but it never occurred to me to submit one of my writing pieces. One day, a friend of mine told me that I should and that I would definitely be published. I was never very confident in my writing; so I never did it. But one day I was feeling adventurous and decided to give it a shot. I was shocked when I saw that I was published.

How has writing impacted you as a student? a family member? an individual? 

Writing has helped me be more open. It has helped me find my confidence as a student, and definitely helps me learn better in the classroom. As an individual, it has helped me find my calling for what I really want to do in life. Writing has also helped me understand myself more and has been very therapeutic when needed.

Please explain the importance of writing, as an OUS Scholar.

I had a great time writing in OUS; it helped me find my love and talent for creative writing. And after going through the trials of college essays, it was nice to finally write for fun. OUS also gave me the chance to write about myself creatively, and come to terms with a lot of things at a pivotal time in my life. It overall was a great experience. I realized that I’ve had the privilege of seeing and witnessing a lot of different perspectives in my life, and I want to write about them and share them with the world.  I believe if more people were able to see and understand a different perspective on an issue, there would be less ignorance and more understanding and sympathy for one another.

If you could tell OUS one thing that is crucial about writing, what would that be? 

If I could tell OUS one thing that’s crucial about writing, it would be to be honest and to always write what you feel. Even if you feel it doesn’t make sense, never try and twist it into something that you think most readers will understand. Readers appreciate an honest writer more than overly correct one any day.

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