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Colgate Saves Water and Energy with Energy Star Washing Machines

By John Pumilio on March 10, 2010

Colgate recently replaced the last 21 top-loading washing machines with high-efficiency, Energy Star front-loading washers.

All washers on campus are now water and energy efficient saving the university money and reducing our ecological footprint.

Colgate’s old top-loading units used 30 gallons of water per cycle while the new front-loading machines use only 14.8 gallons per cycle.

Besides saving water we are also saving energy. A lot of energy is used by a washing machines just to heat the water. Having a front-loading machine, which uses much less water than a top-loader, will significantly reduce our energy consumption. In addition, front-loading washers squeeze more of the water out of your clothes, so you will spend less time and energy drying your clothes.

On average, front-loading washers use between 40 – 75% less water and 30 – 85 % less energy than typical top-loaders.

Thank you to Colgate’s Purchasing Manager, Art Punsoni, for bringing the energy efficient appliances to campus!

Ready for a new washer at home?
Take advantage of the “New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out.”

Program Overview:
The State of New York launched a new rebate program to help residents replace older, inefficient appliances with ENERGY STAR® qualified models. The program began February 12, 2010, and will continue until funds are depleted.

Eligible products include:
* Refrigerators
* Freezers
* Clothes washers
* High-efficiency appliance package

Consumers can obtain higher rebate amounts by purchasing a package including a refrigerator, clothes washer, and dishwasher that are more efficient than ENERGY STAR. Consumers are also eligible for a higher rebate with proof of recycling.

Click here to learn more.

Contact: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Total Funding: $18,700,000

Here are a few additional ways to reduce your energy use in the laundry room:

  • Wash in Cold Water: The best way to save money when you are doing the laundry is to wash clothes in cold water. When used with cold-water detergent, washing in cold water is actually better for your clothes.
  • Dry multiple loads back-to-back. You’ll save energy by using an already heated dryer that doesn’t have to be brought up to temperature each time it is used.
  • Dry similar types of clothes together. Lightweight synthetics, for example, dry much more quickly than bath towels and jeans.
  • Clean the dryer lint filter after every use. Check the outside dryer exhaust frequently to make sure it’s clean and that the flapper opens and closes freely.
  • Use a drying rack! Avoiding the dryer altogether is the most energy-efficient alternative of all. Place the dryer rack near a space-heater (in winter) or by an open, sunny window (in summer).

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