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Building dashboard site shows energy use in six Colgate residence halls

By Sheila Reagan on November 8, 2012

Article written by contributing writer.

Ever wonder how much energy students use in the residence halls? Wonder no more. Colgate’s newBuilding Dashboard®, adopted last month as part of its Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, accounts for everything they do, from microwaving midnight snacks, to showering, to frequent laptop use.

Visitors to the site can see up-to-the-minute energy use (electricity, water, or heat energy) in six Colgate residences. They can also view energy use for each building as a whole, per person, or per square foot. Next year, Colgate plans to add additional residences to the Building Dashboard® site, which also features energy tips, and a “commit to conserve” link whereby students can pledge to reduce their energy use.

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