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2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

By Gordon Brillon on January 11, 2013

Compared to Colgate’s 2009 baseline inventory, the university decreased its emissions by 3,512 MTeCO2 (from 17,353 in 2009 to 13,841 in 2013), or by 20.2 percent. Emissions increased slightly in FY 2013 (13,841 MTeCO2) compared to FY 2012 (13,817 MTeCO2). This was due to an increase in fuel oil consumption as the result of a much colder and windier heating season. Despite this marginal increase, FY 2013 marked a year of positive trends. Colgate’s continuing drop in emissions associated with our vehicle fleet, refrigerant use, fertilizer use, electricity consumption, commuting, business travel, and paper use is due to the ongoing implementation of effective behavior change programs, numerous energy conservation and efficiency projects, and meticulous implementation of the projects and policies specified in our 2011 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S-CAP). 2013