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Colgate students continue eco-friendly legacy

By Sheila Reagan on February 25, 2013

Article written by Daniel Devries.

EcoCampus, the company that was created by two Colgate students to sell environmentally-friendly paper on campus, has found another way to be “sustainable.”

Seniors Ryan Smith ’13 and Brendan Karson ’13 have sold their company to four juniors, turning the EcoCampus into what may be Colgate’s first student legacy business. They developed EcoCampus over the past three years with alumni guidance through Colgate’s Thought Into Action (TIA) program.

Smith and Karson sold the company to their Theta Chi fraternity brothers Robert Nicholas ’14 of Berwyn, Pa., John Gabler ’14 of Fort Collins, Colo., Cameron Borriello ’14 of  Sterling, Mass., and Michael Hendricks ’14 of Saint Charles, Mo.

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Colgate students participate in nation’s largest ever climate rally

By John Pumilio on February 21, 2013

On President’s Day 2013 (Feb 17), about 20 Colgate students and members of Colgate’s Office of Sustainability headed to Washington, D.C. to join about 40,000 others in the largest rally ever against climate change.

Washington, D.C. rally near the Washington Monument

Photo by Jenna Pope

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By Sustainability Office on February 18, 2013

GateSwap is a safe, social, and sustainable way to buy and sell goods and services on college campuses. It is a free service that connects members of the Colgate community who might be looking to buy a new refrigerator, sell a poster or textbook, find a ride to the airport, or accomplish a range of other things by reaching out to fellow members of the university. Developed by Gabe Zetter and Rob Carroll, GateSwap is also a great way to promote reuse on campus and raise awareness about how to live sustainably at college! Check it out at www.gateswap.com 

Eco-Campus, LLC – Colgate’s first legacy business!

By Sustainability Office on February 13, 2013

EcoCampus, LLC was launched by two student entrepreneurs (Ryan Smith ’13 and Brendan Karson ’13) to provide green office supplies and tree-free paper to the Colgate community and beyond. Recently, Ryan and Brendan sold their company to four juniors: Robert Nicholas, Cameron Borriello, Michael Hendricks, and John Gabler. This made Eco-Campus Colgate’s first legacy business. Congratulations guys! The new owners have exciting plans for 2013. Stay tuned!

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Lathrop Hall, built in 1905, undergoes major makeover

By Sheila Reagan on February 4, 2013

Article written by Tim O’Keefe.

Buildings develop personalities over time. Lathrop Hall, built in 1905, has a long, rich history and its share of quirks and secrets (some that are now revealed!).

A mainstay of the Academic Quad, the building has undergone a major personality change. Those entering for the first time will be amazed at the renovated classroom and office spaces, flood of natural light from long-hidden windows and skylights, and new spaces that allow for more open collaboration and use of technology.

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