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Make Your Sustainability Goals Official

By Liza Solberg on September 20, 2013

Next week from Monday, September 23- Friday, September 27 the Green Raiders will be in the Coop helping students write out pledges for the changes they will make this year to live greener. The pledges are unique to each person and their sustainable interests. For example “I pledge to reduce my shower time from 10 to 5 minutes” which would help save  hundreds of bottles of water! After writing a pledge each student’s picture will be taken to document the awesome promise they have made.

The Green Raiders want students to know how easy it is to make a difference. Maybe you will carpool to the library instead of driving alone, better yet ride a bike! You could use cold water for your laundry, participate in Meatless Monday or even pledge to turn the lights off every time you leave a room. A small change can make a big difference. We hope to see you in the Coop next week!

We will also be selling Nalgene water bottles for $5 each! Using only your new Nalgene instead of cups or plastic water bottles would be a great pledge as well!


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