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Do you want to reduce home energy bills and protect the environment? Here’s how…

By Sustainability Office on November 1, 2013

Do you want to reduce your home energy bills?  Do you want to do your part to protect our environment?  If so, then your first step is to complete a home energy audit.  The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering FREE (or significantly reduced-cost) in-home energy audits.  The application is simple and can be found here.

Once your application has been approved, then your next step is to contact a NYSERDA approved contractor to schedule your home energy audit.  A list of NYSERDA contractors can be found here.

After completion of this assessment, your NYSERDA recommended auditor will provide you with a list of options for saving energy and cutting costs.  Options can be as simple as identifying and plugging air leaks, installing programmable thermostats, or applying weather stripping.  Recommended projects can also be more involved such as replacing older hot water tanks or applying new insulation.  Right now there are numerous rebates and incentives at both the state and federal level to make these upgrades to your home.  For example, NYSERDA may be able to provide you with a 10% cash back incentive and low-interest financing to help you pay for any energy upgrades.  It is important to note, that you are not obligated to implement any projects.  The auditor can simply provide you with possible options for your consideration.

If you are already energy efficient, then you may be ready to install a renewable energy system.  The timing has never been better! A solar thermal installation, for example, qualifies you for significant rebates and financing options.

The contractor will not only complete your home energy audit, but can also help you implement projects, find reputable installers, or work with you to apply for rebates and incentives.

So, what are you waiting for, complete the application today for your home energy audit!

**Please note that households who do not pay the Systems Benefit Charge (such as those living in the Village of Hamilton and are paying Hamilton Municipal rates) may not qualify for some of these assistance programs.

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