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Lake effect snow patterns in upstate New York

By Upstate Institute on January 1, 2010

The following is a faculty research project supported by the Upstate Institute:

Adam Burnett, William R. Kenan Jr Professor of Geography
William Peck, Associate Professor of Geology

Adam Burnett and William Peck received start-up funding to develop a project that will examine lake-effect snow patterns in Upstate New York. During the winter they recruited volunteers to sampleprecipitation from over a dozen locations in central New York, and coordinated collecting to sample snow from several lake-effect snow bands. Over seventy snow samples were collected from twenty storms. They will measure stable oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of these samples to learn about the path the moisture has taken and the conditions of snow formation in order to better understand lake-effect storms and other weather events. This project has also been funded by the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute.

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