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Course Development Grants Available for Faculty

By Upstate Institute on May 5, 2014

Colgate’s Dean of the Faculty office announces the availability of a new course development grant program that promotes civic and/or community-based education in our curriculum. Beginning in 2014-2015, faculty may apply for one or more course development grants offered by the Upstate Institute, the Max Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE), and the Center for Learning, Teaching and Research, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. These grants will be payable as a stipend to faculty members who are developing a course that fits the objectives as outlined by each sponsoring program. In addition, faculty may propose a budget to the sponsoring program for funds that will be used while the course is being taught.

Faculty at any level may apply for these opportunities. The course may be new or a substantial redesign of a course the faculty member has already taught. Each sponsoring program will provide a unique application for funding through their office along with a description of the goals that each program has for the courses that will be taught, on which applications will be evaluated. All applications will require a course description and a statement concerning how the course relates to or enhances the program’s mission. Applications should also include a budget to be used during the class which conforms to the guidelines as set forth by Colgate’s Research Council (available at the Funding Opportunities website).  All applications will require the signature of a department or program chair and the division director before submission.

By accepting the grant, the faculty member is expected to teach the course that was developed two times in the following four academic years. Faculty will also be expected to share the results of their course development work with others through various media as outlined by each sponsoring program, and should be prepared to work with the sponsoring program on a plan for course assessment.

The application for an Upstate Institute Course Development Grant is available for download on our Faculty Resources page. These are due on January 30, 2015.