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Grace Thomas ’17 assists Glimmerglass Opera with sustainability

By ramann on June 28, 2016
This post was written by Grace Thomas ’17

I was drawn to the Field School program at the Upstate Institute this summer because of the unique opportunity it offers to blend the workplace environment and research.  Initially, I was unsure whether I wanted to have an internship in a corporate office, or if I wanted to complete on-campus research.  The Field School is a wonderful compromise.  Additionally, I am very drawn to the Upstate New York region; there are so many fantastic not-for-profit initiatives occurring in this area, especially during the gorgeous summer months.

Grace Thomas '17 and Bob Sutherland at Mohican Farms

Grace Thomas ’17 and Bob Sutherland at Mohican Farms

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Emily Rooney ’17 conducts Pathfinder Village quality of life survey

By ramann on June 27, 2016
This post was written by Emily Rooney ’17

This summer I am working with Pathfinder Village, a planned residential community that supports people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. The organization works to foster a community that empowers residents to be independent through programs like day services, the Pathfinder Village school, a post-secondary school (Otsego Academy), camps, etc. It was founded in 1980 and although the organization has expanded and evolved since then, it stays true to its core vision “that each life may find meaning.”

Emily Rooney '17 at Pathfinder Village's weekly produce market

Emily Rooney ’17 at Pathfinder Village’s weekly produce market

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Daniel Handler ’18 helps support New York State Hops industry

By ramann on June 23, 2016
This post was written by Daniel Handler  ’18
Daniel Handler '18 at a local Hopyard

Daniel Handler ’18 at a local Hopyard

New York State was once known as the most important producer of hops, the plant that is used to flavor beer by affecting its bitterness. By the mid19th century, New York State had achieved national leadership in hops production, containing over 40,000 acres of hopyards. The bulk of this production occurred in only several Central New York counties, including Madison, Otsego, Oneida, and Schoharie Counties. These counties produced millions of pounds of hops for both domestic and international markets, and created a culture of hop growing in Central New York. However, by the early 20th century the New York State hops industry was all but destroyed. Several hard-hitting pest and disease outbreaks in the beginning of the 20th century caused hop production values to rapidly decline. Combined with an increase in competition with new hop growers in the Pacific Northwest and the enactment of Prohibition, the New York State hops industry was unable to recover, and almost completely disappeared. Read more

Austin Anderson ’17 works with Madison County Rural Health Council

By Chris Henke on June 22, 2016
This post was written by Austin Anderson ’17

In the everyday pressures and demanding schedules we all face, we tend to take for granted some of the most important aspects of our lives, like access to a safe and healthy environment. The Madison County Rural Health Council (MCRHC) works to provide this essential service. The organization is dedicated to improving the health of Madison County residents through fostering links between healthcare providers, raising awareness about health issues, and increasing access to healthcare and healthy opportunities for the public. Founded only three years ago, the MCRHC developed and published a Community Health Assessment (CHA)/Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) in 2013. The organization also initiated a Live Well Committee in Madison County to implement programs designed to increase the availability of nutritious food sources and inspire higher levels of physical activity.

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