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Political Leaders for Hamilton, Madison County, and Beyond

By Chris Henke on December 6, 2016

This post includes a list of the political leadership for the Village and Town of Hamilton, Madison County, and our State and Federal representatives, all the way up to the President.  We hope that this will serve as a useful reference for students, staff, faculty, and community members who wish to contact their elected officials.  Our thanks to Bruce Moseley, Colgate’s Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations, for his help compiling this list. (Last revised December 2016.)

Want to keep up with news from the different levels of government listed here?  The list includes links to the websites for each office, with news, meeting information, policy proposals, and other information.  In addition you can reference the Federal Congressional Quarterly Roll Call for news at the national level and the New York State of Politics blog for the state.  Want to contact one of your elected officials?  We include contact information for many of them, below, and you can also consult this wiki for tips on how to call, write to, email, or visit an elected leader.


  • Mayor

Robert McVaugh (no party)

  • Board of Trustees

Ruthann Loveless (D)

Russ Lura (no party)

Jen Servedio (D)

Sean Nevison (D)



  • Town Supervisor (budget officer, chair of the town council and representative to the County Board of Supervisors)

Eve Ann Shwartz (D)

Suzanne Collins (D)

Peter Darby (D)

David Holcomb (R)

Chris Rossi (D)



John M. Becker (R), Chair



Andrew M. Cuomo (D)

David Valesky (D), 53rd District

William “Bill” Magee (D), 121st District



Barack Obama (D) until 1/20/17

Donald Trump (R) starting 1/20/17

Charles Schumer (D)

Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

Richard Hanna (R), through 12/31/16

Claudia Tenney (R), as of 1/1/17