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Launch of the Common Good Network

By Contributing Writer on April 8, 2014

While many of our students are interested in outreach and volunteerism on campus, they also go on to do great work with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other social good enterprises as alumni.

The recently launched Common Good Network is a way for Colgate alumni and students who are working for the common good to connect with one another.

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How to: Do Well by Doing Good

By esmith on February 26, 2014







How many times have you heard, ‘you can’t make money working in the common good/non-profit sector? Well, guess what, the non-profit sector is comprised of organizations that do not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead, uses them to pursue its goals by reinvesting in the organization. This actually sounds pretty neat and forward thinking if you ask me. Sign me up!

The non-profit and common good sector is actually an exciting and passionate field to pursue. This industry allows individuals to combine their transferable skills with their passions, causes of support, and personal interests into a long lasting career. Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service 2014

By esmith on February 4, 2014

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In 1994, Congress designated Martin Luther King Jr. day a national day of service, the only such day on the American calendar. According to King, “”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” In the spirit of this fundamental question, people around the country made the day of service “a day on, not a day off” and worked together to do good. Colgate was no exception. Over 150 Colgate students, including myself, signed up to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. afternoon of service following classes on Friday, January 24. Organized through the COVE, we represented the largest Colgate group to participate in the event in recent years. Read more

Rebuilding Together in Oklahoma City

By esmith on February 4, 2014










It was no surprise that Mrs. Krueger, a 91-year-old single grandmother, had lived in her house for 45 years. Upon our first arrival, we noticed dilapidated windowsills and peeling wallpaper in both of the bedrooms. And yet, there was also clearly a fresh coat of external paint and newly installed doors (courtesy of our host organization, Rebuilding Together). The non-profit had been working on Mrs. Krueger’s house for the past four months, slowly re-doing each of her rooms, re-painting the outside of her house, and helping her re-build the home in which she raised her three children. The inside of the house was filled with memorabilia of her children’s childhoods, and we were there to aid in the protection of those materials, artifacts, and memories. Read more

Reflections on Hunger and Homelessness Week

By esmith on December 3, 2013

During the Week of November 4th-8th the Colgate Hunger Outreach Program, Habitat for Humanity, and Oxfam sponsored Hunger and Homelessness week to raise about the issues that affect members of our community that live locally as well as globally. Topics discussed in events included the effects of genetically modified organisms on food scarcity, experiences with global hunger, and local food scarcity in Madison County. Habitat for Humanity also sponsored a home build so students could do direct service related to homelessness. Read more

Social Entrepreneurship Programming

By esmith on November 5, 2013
Student Participants with the Lombardi Trophy (NFL Headquarters)

Student Participants with the Lombardi Trophy (NFL Headquarters)













Reflection by Ellie Smith, Class of 2014

As a junior, I found myself reflecting on what career path I wanted to embark on. I didn’t have much direction, I only knew that whatever field I decided on needed to be something I felt passionate about. There is something to be said about walking into an office building every weekday morning at 9 AM with the knowledge that the job you and your coworkers do makes a difference. With the desire to learn more about how I could make that happen, I applied to the COVE’s now yearly Social Entrepreneurship trip to New York City. Read more

Alternative Break to the Dominican Republic

By esmith on October 29, 2013

Three Colgate students playing with Dominican children in a school play yard

Reflection by Faith Benson, Class of 2014

I’m frequently asked how I knew Colgate was the right school for me.. Read more

COVE Continues Alternative Break Program

By Contributing Writer on August 30, 2013
Learning at Colgate does not stop when students go on break. Students volunteer in the Dominican Republic on a recent spring break.

Learning at Colgate does not stop when students go on break. Students volunteer in the Dominican Republic on a recent spring break.

The COVE continues to offer educationally meaningful service trips over winter and spring break. Alternative break trips are not discrete one-week experiences. In addition to committing to a work-intensive week, students are responsible for attending pre-departure meetings that introduce the participants to the community and organization with which they will be working and the critical issues with which they will be dealing.  Read more

COVE Encourages Social Entrepreneurship

By Contributing Writer on August 27, 2013


In Fiscal Year ’13, COVE expanded on its mission to cultivate a community of students who will be leaders in social responsibility and community engagement by launching a Social Innovation Initiative, designed to support students in the pursuit of innovative, transformative, and sustainable solutions to social problems.

We believe that the problems facing today’s world are more complex than ever before, and solutions require interdisciplinary thinking and cross-sector collaboration. More than 100 students participated in the initiative throughout the year gaining skills in new ways to positively impact the world.  Read more

Colgate Earns Place on National Honor Roll for Community Service

By Contributing Writer on August 26, 2013


Colgate University was named to the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. This designation is the highest honor a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement.

Colgate University has a long history of service-learning and believes strongly in preparing our graduates to be active leaders and participants in an ever changing world,” said Krista Saleet, Director of Max A. Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (COVE). “We’re honored to receive this prestigious award – and owe much of it to the students themselves. They’re the energy driving our commitment and they’re the ones who make it all happen.”  Read more