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Work table/desk

By Joanne Vanderwood on March 15, 2019

Available Immediately-contact Denise at ext 6611

Two 2 drawer laterals with counter top

By Joanne Vanderwood on March 13, 2019

Files are 30″ high, contact Chris Provan at ext. 7746 for more details

5 Drawer Lateral Files – 2

By Joanne Vanderwood on March 13, 2019

Like new and available IMMEDIATELY – contact Amy-Elizabeth at ext. 4032

Industrial Shelving Unit

By Joanne Vanderwood on March 4, 2019

Available Immediately contact Joanne Vanderwood ext 7147 Unit is very heavy!

Desk/table Tops – No legs

By Joanne Vanderwood on March 1, 2019

Contact Denise Bolognone at ext 6611 – items available immediately

4 Shelf Black Metal Bookcase

By Joanne Vanderwood on February 19, 2019

Available immediately, contact Grace Huff at ext 7850 for more specifics

This item will be moved to storage on Friday,

7′ Metal Bookcases

By Joanne Vanderwood on January 10, 2019

Need to go NOW 2 bookcase available, contact Kezia Lawler 7511 for more details

Epson Stylus Pro 9890

By Joanne Vanderwood on January 9, 2019

 Black ports on the printer keep getting clogged.  This printer still works and we have extra print cartridges, about 4 years old; available immediately. Contact Denise Bolognone at ext. 6611

Stiga Ping Pong Tables

By Joanne Vanderwood on December 12, 2018

Athletics has two well used ping pong tables they’re looking to get rid of; they’re in a little rough shape and have no nets. Currently located on the 3rd floor of Huntington.  Contact Eli Barrett if you’re interested at ext. 705

36″ Round Conference Table

By Joanne Vanderwood on November 29, 2018

Contact Kerry Linden at ext. 7451


2 Drawer Black Vertical File Cabinet

By Joanne Vanderwood on November 14, 2018

Available immediately, contact Scott Lewis at ext. 6474.


Portable Bubble Wrap Roll Stands

By Joanne Vanderwood on November 14, 2018

Currently there are two stands available from Dana Arts, contact Scott Lewis at ext 6474.

Colgate Year Books

By Joanne Vanderwood on September 12, 2018

Denise Upton has the following year books available, first come first serve; contact her at ext. 6844.

1996- 1

1998- 3

1999 – 1

2000 – 3

2001 – 4

2002 – 2

2005 – 1

2006 – 3

2012 – 14

2013 – 16

2014 – 7

2015 – 12

2017- 4

Office Chair

By Joanne Vanderwood on September 7, 2018

CLSI has an office chair they’d like to find a new home for. Contact Denise Upton at ext. 6844


4″ x 2-1/2″ Standard Value Vinyl Name Tag Holder, Pin/Clip

By Joanne Vanderwood on August 14, 2018

Contact Stacey Coleman at ext. 7122


16mm Films

By Joanne Vanderwood on July 19, 2018

The Dept. of Art & Art History has 16mm films they will be disposing of shortly and we are making them available for individuals prior to doing so.  I’ve provided a link with the film titles, contact Joanne at ext. 7475 for details.



3,000 Compostable Dinner Plates

By Joanne Vanderwood on May 1, 2018

Denise Upton has an abundance of 9″ compostable dinner plates in packs of 250 from Staples, before returning many of them  we would like to open them up to our campus community who may be needing them for upcoming events. You can purchase as many or as few packs as you like payment will be made through a budgetary transfer. Contact Denise at exten. 6844 for arrangements.

Ink Cartridges

By Joanne Vanderwood on December 8, 2015

Nicole Carvell at 7645 has the following ink cartridge available:

One Xerox black toner cartridge for a Phaser 6180 color laser printer