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SOAN professor Jon Hyslop is huge on twitter

By Chris Henke on July 7, 2015

SOAN professor Jon Hyslop was in South Africa last week to deliver the keynote address at the meeting of the South African Historical Society.  Professor Hyslop’s lecture, titled, “African Independence, the New Left and the Rebirth of Social History: 1956-1964,” generated quite a few tweets of interest and excitement, including one colleague who described him as a “historian rock star.”  Take a look at some of these tweets from his fan base:

tweet for prof Hyslop's lecture at SAHS 2015

tweet for prof Hyslop's lecture at SAHS 2015

tweet for prof Hyslop's lecture at SAHS 2015

tweet for prof Hyslop's lecture at SAHS 2015

tweet for prof Hyslop's lecture at SAHS 2015

Professor Hsu publishes editorial

By Department of Sociology and Anthropology on July 6, 2015

Professor Carolyn Hsu, Associate Professor of Sociology, was recently notified that an editorial titled “Draft law may test resilience of Chinese civil society” was recently published in the East Asia Forum.  The piece can be found here: http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2015/07/02/draft-law-may-test-resilience-of-chinese-civil-society/

SOAN prof Michelle Bigenho launches new website on indigenous heritage

By Chris Henke on June 16, 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Spanish-English bilingual website, “Rethinking Creativity, Recognition and Indigenous Heritage,” a work of public scholarship that examines some of the following questions:

· What happens when cultures come under regimes of intellectual property and/or heritage registration programs?

· What happens when these already entangled questions take center stage in a country like Bolivia, where much of the population might be identified as indigenous?

The conundrums of cultural and intellectual property rights, especially when intersecting with indigenous rights, continue to puzzle scholars and policy makers around the world. These dilemmas were central to the dialogues of Coroico 2012, a workshop organized in Bolivia by Colgate University’s Dr. Michelle Bigenho (SOAN/ALST), in collaboration with and Dr. Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway University of London).

In addition to reading about these conversations and methodologies, readers are encouraged to download, modify, and reuse the materials that were designed and structured for use in Coroico 2012, particularly the agenda, case studies, and related glossary. Dr. Bigenho and Dr. Stobart share these materials in the hope that they will spark more conversations, local debates, and necessarily distinct responses to these dilemmas.

The workshop, website, and related dissemination activities were funded through a National Science Foundation Grant (award #1156260). Any opinions, findings, conclusions and/or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

<submitted by Prof Michelle Bigenho>

Celebrating Rhonda Levine!

By Chris Henke on May 15, 2015

At the conclusion of the Spring 2015 term, Professor Rhonda Levine taught her final class after 33 years of work at Colgate.  To celebrate her amazing career, we asked some of her former students to contribute to a blog with comments about how she has impacted their lives.  Take a look, and please let me know if you would like to contribute to the blog, too.  Best wishes for your retirement, Professor Levine!

SOAN Honors students from the Colgate Class of 2015

By Department of Sociology and Anthropology on May 13, 2015
Honors Thesis 2015 1_opt cropped
Pictured above l. to r. Marielba Casabona, Cindy Gaete,
Suzanne Brewster,Christina Helm, & Elyse Cianfarano.

Five seniors presented their theses to the Sociology and Anthropology faculty on Wednesday May 6th.  High honors went to Christina Helm for her paper and research on “University Facebook Pages: Applying Interaction Ritual Theory to the Digital World.”  Honors went to four students – Cindy Gaete presenting her paper “Proud to be an Anchor Baby: Resistance and Agency of Stigmatized U.S.-Born Children of Unauthorized Parents.”;  Suzanne Brewster  wrote on “Attack Politics on Social Media: The Negative Campaigning Strategies of Male and Female 2014 Congressional Candidates.”; Elyse Cianfarano’s paper was titled “Colgate Contested: A Study in Power, Identity, and Community.” ; and  Marielba Casabona presented her research on “Patch-working Pathways Towards Higher Education: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Unauthorized Latina/o Students in California”.  Copies of all theses are available in the SOAN department library for viewing.  Congratulations to all of these students for their year-long efforts in researching, writing, and presenting their material!

Tribute to Professor Chris Henke

By Department of Sociology and Anthropology on May 7, 2015

pic 3

Professor Henke (center) at the final Spring 2015 SOAN Happy Hour in Donovan’s Pub.

We continue our end-of-year gratitude by recognizing Professor Chris Henke, our fabulous SOAN department chair. Starting this fall, Professor Henke will take on the role of Upstate Institute Director, and Professor Paul Lopes with become the new SOAN department chair. During his time as the SOAN chair, Professor Henke has made a number of lasting contributions to our department. Most notable are his efforts to strengthen our SOAN community through new rituals and symbols. Professor Henke worked very hard to extend community outreach through the SOAN webpage, blog, tumblr, and new department logo. Under his leadership, SOAN developed an annual year-long thematic series of events, Cho-Dunkin’ Tuesdays, and strengthened our existing faculty and student Happy Hour programs. He also lead the efforts to redesign our SOAN student commuter lab and roll out our new Sociology and Anthropology majors. Thank you Professor Henke for your two strong years of exceptional leadership!

Submitted by Professor Janel Benson

honoring Karen Austin!

By Chris Henke on April 30, 2015

As the semester comes to a close, SOAN students are reaching out to thank and honor the special people at Colgate who have made a difference in their lives.  Karen Austin, our SOAN Administrative Assistant, was honored multiple times this week for her dedication to our SOAN students.  Karen received a Torch Medal from Carole Harris (’15).  Torch Medals are given by seniors to a member of the Colgate community who has had a positive and lasting impact on her career.  Karen was also recognized by the Women’s lacrosse team for her wonderful support.  Team members presented Karen with a Women’s lacrosse practice shirt and a gratitude card signed by the entire team.  Way to go, Karen!

Karen Austin is given a Torch Medal by SOAN major Carole Harris ('15)

Karen Austin is given a Torch Medal by SOAN major Carole Harris (’15)

Karen is recognized by the Women's Lacrosse team, including SOAN majors Jeen Frost ('15), Kallan Murray ('16) , and Abby Valentino ('15)

Karen is recognized by the Women’s Lacrosse team, including SOAN majors Jenna Frost (’15), Kallan Murray (’16) , and Abby Valentino (’15)

2015 soan awards!

By Chris Henke on April 28, 2015

Today SOAN presented our annual awards to our graduating seniors at Colgate’s Awards Convocation ceremony.  It was my honor to present the Award for Excellence in Sociology and Anthropology, which recognizes our graduating senior with the highest GPA in SOAN courses, to Erik Jurado.  Our Ramshaw Service Award, named after SOAN faculty colleague emeritus Warren Ramshaw, and given to the senior who demonstrates outstanding community service and academic achievement, was awarded to Cindy Gaete.  Congratulations to Erik and Cindy for earning SOAN’s top awards!


Cindy Gaete (left - Class of 2015) won SOAN's Ramshaw Service Award and Erik Jurado (right - also Class of 2015) won the Award for Excellence in Sociology and Anthropology.  The awards were presented by SOAN Department Chair, Professor Chris Henke (center).

Cindy Gaete (left – Class of 2015) won SOAN’s Ramshaw Service Award and Erik Jurado (right – also Class of 2015) won the Award for Excellence in Sociology and Anthropology. The awards were presented by SOAN Department Chair, Professor Chris Henke (center).

Other SOAN students claiming awards today include: Sarah DeFalco (’15), earning an Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies from the Environmental Studies Program, Carole Harris (’15), who won the Thomas M. Wilson ’67 Memorial Endowed Leadership Award given by the Department of Athletics, Jordan Kolinsky (’15), winning TWO awards, the first Native American Studies’s Award for Excellence in Native American Studies, and the second Romance Language and Literatures’s Award for Excellence in Italian Studies, and Cyierra Roldan (’16), claiming an Office of Undergraduate Studies Award.

Congratulations to all!  We are very proud of our students.

Final Happy Hour of the year!

By Department of Sociology and Anthropology on April 17, 2015

SOAN students and faculty enjoyed the final Happy Hour of the 2014-2015 year at Donovan’s Pub on Thursday, April 16th. Majors and minors in the department appreciate the laid back, social atmosphere of mingling with their friends and faculty while also reveling in the appetizers and beverages served to all attending.

pic 8 pic 9 pic 7 pic 6 pic 5 pic 4 pic 3 pic 2 pic 1

Henke wins prestigious David Edge Prize

By Department of Sociology and Anthropology on March 12, 2015

Hurray for Chris Henke!!
Professor Chris Henke (and co-author Benjamin Sims)’s article “Repairing credibility: Repositioning nuclear weapons knowledge after the Cold War,” in the Social Studies of Science, vol. 42, no. 3, June 2012, pp. 324-347 was selected as a winner of the 2014 David Edge Prize awarded by the Society for the Social Studies of Science. This prize is awarded annually for the best article in the area of science and technology studies by the 4S. Yuko Fujigaki, one of the members of 4S and the 2014 David Edge Prize committee informed Chris and Ben of this honor at the annual meeting in February. That paper also won the ASA SKAT paper prize a few years back.

Read about the award here on the 4S website.

Edge committee members: Yuko Fujigaki (U Tokyo, Japan) and Nelly Oudshoorn (U Twente, The Netherlands) made the presentation stating: The 4S prize committee received 23 papers for the selection process, “three from self-nomination and 20 papers from editors of Social Studies of Science, Science, Technology, and Human Values, East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, Social Epistemology, Theory, Culture, and Society, Public Understanding of Science, Geoforum, BioSocieties, Scandinavian Journal of Management.”

“This paper deals with the “maintenance” of the credibility of US nuclear weapons after the Cold War and examines how the weapon scientists have avoided a crisis of credibility, showing that their knowledge is deeply embedded in the design and testing of these weapons. This paper highlights an area that most STS papers have largely neglected, and opens up the new research direction on sociotechnical repair. Therefore, this paper deserves the award.” Read more