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Argentina, Baby

By Adam Basciano '16 on May 19, 2013

I am incredibly excited to venture to South America in a few days with the Benton Scholars. Through our in-classroom studies first semester, out-of classroom activities, and email chains with fellow Argentinians, I feel very ready to take on the nation of Argentina and its culture.

I am eager to see how Argentine culture is defined both by their place on the South American continent as well as their European roots. In addition, I am particularly excited to interact and become friendly with the people. Whenever I travel to either far-off countries or even other regions of the United States, I enjoy conversing with people of my own age. I feel a deeper connection and really enjoy taking in the fact that we share many similar qualities while also being in very different societies.

I am especially looking forward to some of our sightseeing adventures as well. I know witnessing Iguazu Falls will most likely be an unbelievable experience just by looking at pictures on Google Images. In addition, we have heard as a group how fun and exciting the city of Buenos Aires is.

Our arrival date is rapidly approaching and I look forward to continue reflecting on different experiences of this trip through this blog.

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