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By Gregory Brea '16 on May 20, 2013

The aspect of Argentine culture that I am most excited, or perhaps most intrigued about, is the city life and its friendliness towards foreign travelers.

In preparing for our trip we have heard countless times that we should not bring too much cash and that we should keep a watchful eye out for people that may try to steal our things while we are not paying close attention to our surroundings. Although I do believe and acknowledge that this occurs to travelers in Argentina, I’m curious as to the extent of which all of this occurs and whether it will happen to one of us on the trip. The way we’ll find about this is through just exploring the city as both tourists by day and hopefully in a less touristy fashion at other times and I’m excited to experience this with my fellow Benton Scholars.

Spanish is universal in the sense that it is a single language, but the grammar and vocabulary used across these Latin American nations varies greatly. This is something I have noticed especially since my family is from the Dominican Republic and have visited a great number of countries in Latin America. The variance from other Spanish-speaking countries, such as the frequent use of the word “che,” in the Spanish language is something that I’m looking forward to encountering in order to compare and contrast with my past experiences with the Spanish language in other countries.

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  • nsimpson said:

    I am so thankful that you are fluent in Spanish! Thanks for agreeing to help me out in helping to communicate with the locals.

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