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Adios Tilcara, Hello Salta

By Gregory Brea '16 on June 5, 2013

June 5th, 2013

Today we left Tilcara behind, but before doing so we visited a winery and a llama farm. The winery was quite a trek from where we were, but by the third day of being in Tilcara we had all adjusted to the long distances required to travel from location to location. The woman in charge of the winery gave us a tour of the fields and then took us inside the small building where the wine is produced. She explained that every year there was a small festival that took place where hundreds of people from the village would come and volunteer to help her with the entirety of the process. It was an event that many look forward to because it was a time where everyone was reunited for a common cause and for their help they were rewarded with wine, food, and fun. After tasting the wine, we were taken to the llama farm to interact and walk around the village with the llamas. The owners of the llamas explained that they do not sell their wool because it does not bring in as big of a profit as people expect, especially in the warmer climate that they live in therefore they have them more for tourists. This was our last stop in Tilcara before driving several hours to Salta. We got situated in the new city and decided to attend a show that was recommended to us. It was composed of singing and dancing with no fear of bringing the crowd into the show. Against our wills, Adam and I were forced onto the stage and had to dance with a partner who knew what they were doing whereas we did not, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. The show was geared for an older crowd, something we did not know coming in, but it was entertaining and a fun event to attend as a complete group for the final time on this amazing trip.

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