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The Post South America/Bored at Home Blog Post

By Adam Basciano '16 on June 20, 2013

It has been more than a week since my return from South America, and nearly two weeks since the conclusion of the Benton Scholars excursion and conquering of Argentina. I was fortunate to be able to extend my time on the continent by spending an additional four days in Brazil with two other adventurous Bentons.

Looking back, I can say I have no regrets about our time in Argentina. I can say I tango’d in the streets of the tango’s birthplace in La Boca, or that I also danced, or tried to dance, a traditional Argentine dance in front of a crowd of fifty or so Argentine elders.

Tango on the street

Although we only spent four days in the university studying and learning, we definitely spent nearly every moment we had exploring different aspects of their society and culture. We ate empenadas at tiny two-table restaurants, stayed up until the late late hours of the night, and engaged in countless conversations with taxi drivers of Buenos Aires.

Dinner in South America

After spending two and a half weeks in the country, a few things stick out to me about their culture that also makes me self-reflect on the American way of life. It is definitely more evident to me now how Americans are always on the move and keeping themselves very busy. In Buenos Aires and other parts of the country, it seemed there was no place you could just walk into and grab a coffee and leave, in contrast to that Dunkin Donuts you can find at any street corner here. Restaurants definitely take their time when serving meals and getting you your bill. This cultural difference only really bothered me when I would only have twenty minutes to eat and my pizza took a half hour to reach my table. Another difference lies in their indirectness when confronting people. I did not get many first-hand observations about this, but I do know that Professor Simpson encountered it often with our trip’s planners, and that this idea was the central theme to a theatrical performance some of the group attended one night in BA.

The trip was definitely a success and I know I will look back on it with pure smiles and a bunch of great photographs. I got much closer with many of the other Bentons on the trip, and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity due to the Benton Scholars Program and Colgate University. Now, I must start my day here in New Jersey with my energizing maté bowl.



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  • Tango Flavio said:

    It is very nice to read american youth talk such nice words about tango and about our country. It is true that we take our time for a good meal and good conversation here down south. Friendship is our greatest asset.

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