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Geo Pizza! 2012

By dkeller on April 17, 2012

On Geo Pizza! Night, we provide blank doughs, red sauce, pesto, cheeses and assorted other toppings and challenge the students to create geology-themed pizzas. Geo-themed desserts are also highly encouraged.

Geo Pizza 2012 was attended by about 45 people. Pizza creations included: a Metamorphic Facies Diagram Pizza, Copahue Volcano Pizza, Mega Meaty Metamorphic Monstrosity Pizza, Silica Tetrahedron Pizza, Ductile Flow Pizza, BIF Pizza, Snowball Earth Pizza, Migmatite Pizza, Oxidation of the Atmosphere Pizza, Not Martin Pizza (?), Rapakivi Granite Pizza, Soil Horizon Pizza, and a Cross-section of the Earth’s Surface Pizza. For geo-themed desserts we were treated to: Worms & Dirt, Marble Cheesecake, BXA Cake, Trilobite Cookies, Asteromphalus spp. and Actinocyclus actinochilus, Earth Strata Cake, and “Nothing says yum quite like a banded iron formation.”


Click image below to launch slideshow of the event.


Alex Crawford and Bo Montanye look on as Duncan Keller creates a migmatite pizza, and Halley Goldman and Lauren Frisch brainstorm on their soil profile pizza



Molly Gilligan chats with Megan Switzer, while Megan and Andrew DeGory enjoy some excellent pizza


Rapakivi Granite pizza – a Josh Lasker & Josh Solomon creation


Karen Alley and Rich April enjoy a good conversation while the pizzas are cooking


Sam Ely surveys the scene as Caroline LaBriola and Molly Gilligan chat, and Andrew DeGory writes up a description of his Geo Pizza creation


Brittany Phillips and Rachel Walsh


The Geochem Lab research crew – Halley Goldman, Lauren Frisch, and Sarah Lemon (missing from picture: Barbie)


Di (yes, it is hot work putting pizzas in and out of the oven) happy to be with her geochem lab crew.


Prof. Martin Wong and a group of students enjoy a good conversation around the table.  (clockwise from Martin: Josh Solomon, Molly Gilligan, Caroline LaBriola, Max Ephraim, ?, Tyler Peters, Anay Shaw, Megan Switzer, and Sam Ely

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