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GeoPizza! 2017

By dkeller on June 8, 2017

Once again the GeoPizza! challenge to make geology-themed pizzas from blank pizza doughs, red sauce, pesto, cheeses, and a wide variety of toppings was more than met by geology students, faculty, staff and their families. This year we even saw our first 2-crust creation: a cookie-sheet-sized flat slab “Subduction Calzone,” complete with an accretionary wedge and magnetic anomalies. To go along with the 18 GeoPizza! creations that were served, everyone also enjoyed a choice of two salads, trilobite crudités, chips & dips, assorted beverages, as well as some delicious potluck GeoDesserts!

Check out the photos of this year’s event along with some of the many fine pizzas and the great ideas behind them.

Click image below to launch slideshow of the event.

GeoPizza! makin begins

GeoPizza! making begins! (L to right: Mark LaPan, Victoria Arnold, Hayley Pearson, Isabel Dove, and Adrian Heath)

GeoPizza! 2017 Pre-party prep

GeoPizza! 2017 – A glimpse of the pre-event preparations.

First GeoPizza! makers of the night

The first GeoPizza! makers of the night (l to r: Taylor Dawson, Natalie Smith, Dhara Patel, Megan Martis, Monica Dimas, and Hayley Pearson)

Pineapple dunes

Pineapple dunes, broccoli vegetation, a cheese beach, and a meat ocean… Natalie Smith & Ellis Van Slyke recreate the dissipative beach they learned about in Marine Geology this term

good conversation & trilobite crudites

Relaxing & enjoying good conversation and trilo-crudites (l to r: Oleg Kozel, Nate Taylor, Adam Coles, Glenna Thomas, Hannah Bercovici, and Megan Duffy)

Barrovian Sequence 'za

Victoria Arnold & Mark LaPan and their Barrovian Sequence ‘za. (The oven must have been hotter toward the back.) (Adam Coles in the background)

Barrovian Pizza ready for the oven

A better look at the Barrovian Sequence ‘za (l to r: Mark LaPan, Victoria Arnold, Isabel Dove, and Hayley Pearson)

Hmmm, what next?

GeoPizza! chef Isabel Dove explains the design, while co-chef Hayley Pearson ponders what comes next.

Centered Uniaxial OA 'za

A+ ! to Isabel Dove & Hayley Pearson for correctly remembering and labeling their Centered Uniaxial Optic Axis Figure ‘za!! Tasty right down to the melatope!

Isabel & Hayley

Another nice picture of Isabel and Hayley

Oleg & his first garnet corona

Oleg & his first garnet corona

Coronitic Anorthosite pizza

Oleg’s thesis topic pizza – Coronitic Anothosite ‘za, complete with scale bar and zircon crystal.

Oleg prepare his GeoPizza! as Martin watches

Prof. Martin Wong seems impressed by Oleg Kozel’s GeoPizza! creation.

Oleg Kozel & his Coronitic Anorthosite GeoPizza!

Oleg proudly displays his Coronitic Anorthosite ‘za, fresh from the oven.

Diatom GeoPizza!

The beauty of diatoms captured in pizza… Fragilariopsis kerguelensis ‘za (Say that 3 times fast!)

No,I'm not typing that name again :- )

Megan Duffy & Aurelia Casarubias ready to bite into their Fragilariopsis Kerguelensis ‘za – winner of this year’s “Name is a Mouthful Award.” It looks mighty tasty too!

Ciara and her Bivalve GeoPizza

Ciara Pettinos & her Bivalve Project Study Area GeoPizza! – a nod to her thesis topic. Who knew ‘clams’ went so well on a pizza!

GeoPizza! chefs

Some early GeoPizza!s take shape. (pizza makers – l to r: Isabel Dove, Hayley Pearson, Jake Mahr, and Hannah Bercovici; visible faces in background: Jackson Lucas and Aurelia Casarubias)

Hannah & Jake present their pizza

Hannah & Jake show what Galapa-goes well on their Galapagos Archipelago GeoPizza!

#seniors #thesistears

Jackson Lucas, Kaylie Patacca, Kayla Robinson, and Glenna Thomas begin their GeoPizza! with pesto and lots of smiles.

Nate & Crustal Shortening GeoPizza!

Crustal deformation makes a tasty creation – Nate Taylor and his Crustal Shortening ‘za

T-rex GeoPizza! in the works

Megan Martis (l) and Monica Dimas (r) admire Dhara Patel’s GeoPizza! masterpiece… (see the next slide)

T-rex GeoP!

And here it is… Dhara’s T-rex-erriific GeoPizza! (It’s now extinct)

Monica & Megan present their GeoPizza!

Monica & Megan had a mountain of fun making their own GeoPizza! too – the M & M Orogeny ‘za

PTzza Diagram

It’s a pizza… it’s a PT diagram! Shazamm! It’s a PTzza Diagram!! Sam is shocked by the sheer brilliance their GeoPizza! idea.  (l to r: Sam Timothy, Adam Coles, and Adrian Heath; Mark LaPan and Victoria Arnold int the background)

PTzza and chefs

And here it is… a true masterpizza! by Sam Timothy, Adam Coles, & Adrian Heath

Taylor & Katie's LPO pizza

Taylor Dawson & Katie Karnes present their LPO Pattern ‘za

Table of 'Za

Table of ‘Za
(& salad)

#Seniors #ThesisTears

#Seniors #ThesisTears – Seniors: Kaylie Patacca, Jackson Lucas, and Glenna Thomas are Feeling Sedimentary at their last GeoPizza! before graduating.

2 crust Subduction Calzone

A GeoPizza! first!!  A two-crust Subduction Calzone (and not just in the continental vs. oceanic crust sense) (The ‘volcano’ even ‘erupted’ tomato paste during cooking)

Glenna & Oleg and the cooked Subduction Calzone

And here are the creators with their cooked 2-crust Subduction Calzone – Glenna Thomas & Oleg Kozel.

Aubreya Adams & normal fault cake

Geophysics Prof. Aubreya Adams pinpoints the epicenter of a fine dessert.

A few other GeoDesserts!

GeoDesserts! – Normal Fault Cake, Zeolite Cookies & Oolitic Limestone Bars

GeoPizza! designs and descriptions clearly show everyone learned a lot this year :- )

GeoPizza descriptions #2

A few more descriptions…

GeoPizza descriptions #3

And last but not least…

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