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GeoPizza! 2018

By dkeller on April 19, 2018

Geology students rolled up their sleeves and faced rolled-out doughs, meeting the Geo Pizza! challenge by transforming blank doughs, red sauce, pesto, cheeses and assorted other toppings into fabulous geology-themed pizzas. Geo-themed desserts also made a strong showing at this year’s event, which was topped off by a special tribute given by the students to retiring geology professor, Rich April.

Check out the photos of some of the many fine pizzas and the great ideas behind them.

(Click and swipe left or right to see next picture.)

The evening begins...

The first GeoPizzas! of the evening take shape...

Julia  Barcello with the evening's 1st GeoPizza! ready for the oven!

Meghan Duffy and her Bio-remarkable 'Za!


Strike! but no slip! Chef Hayley Pearson presents her very popular cheesy Focal Mechanism 'Za

Erica Nathan's Enceladus 'Za   boldly went where no GeoPizza had gone before!


Brainstorming fun ... (l to r: Chelsea Jacques, Shae Labbe, and Dhara Patel)

Kudos to Julia's Wollastonite Ore 'Za! (Call me "pyroxenoid" but I never would have believed such a splintery mineral would go so well on a pizza!)

Good friends & good fun
Sam Timothy & Mark LaPan's tasty-looking 'za shows why it's always good to leave room for "Mohr" pizza!

Gotta love Lava Peeps 'Za!  - a true "masterpizza!" thanks to Chefs Henry & Julia Peck!

No (-) about it!  A++ to Dhara, Chelsea, & Shea on their  Uniaxial OA Figure 'Za!

...and their "THE Geology Pizza" was also a popular 'pick.' You can 'axe' anyone.

Lily Daggett & Austin Sun celebrate massive friendships with their "Massif" Pizza...

 ...that includes "kindaAlex" too

It looks like a fun time was had by all...
... except maybe Sam... (Just joking Sam, as I hope you were.)
Good stories continue as the pizza making comes to an end.
The final GeoPizza! of the night - Maddie's Hornblende 'Za  - packed with a bit of everything just like the mineral's chemical composition

Great & much appreciated desserts...

Rich April reads a retirement card full of special thanks from the students...

... who are pretty special too.

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