- Rwanda Since the 1994 Genocide
Rwanda Since the 1994 Genocide


What I know about Rwanda

By caitlin on January 22, 2013

1. I know that Kagame is the President of Rwanda and has been praised by world leaders for the way that he has improved Rwanda, but recently people are beginning to question him and they believe that his government has been involved in violent acts toward the opposition. Kagame is a Tutsi and took over as President shortly after the end of the genocide. I learned this information through reading different news articles, mainly NYT.

2. I also know that there are two ethnic groups in Rwanda, the Hutus and Tutsis. Each group has battled the other to gain power in the government, but there is no trust between these two groups. This, I also learned from reading articles from NYT and other news sources in the past.

3. Lastly, during the genocide, hundreds of thousands of people were killed over the course of 100 days. This was caused by years of violence and killings that culminated in genocide after the killing of the then president. Although mainly Tutsis were killed, some Hutus were also killed. I believe that I have learned this information over the years just through hearing scholars discuss the genocide and reading short descriptions of it.

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