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Twitter Update

By emily on February 11, 2013

I just wanted to post something I read on Twitter last night that pertains to the class.  The Rwandan Ministry of the Interior (@MINITER) posted a link yesterday to an article in The New Times Rwanda.  The Tweet reads “The task at hand for RPF cadres” and links to this article: http://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/index.php?i=15265&a=63752


The article details a meeting of the RPF during which the party talked about “political transition.”  Perhaps other people will have different readings, but it seemed to me that it was detailing how Kagame’s two terms will end in 2017 and how to address it.  The article paints Kagame in a positive light, indirectly quoting him by saying “He urged the RPF cadres to think about how to maintain stability and the pace of development but also factor in change.”  Despite this, most of the article seemed to push RPF members to start campaigning for a lift of the two-term ban currently in the constitution, saying at the end of the article that committed Rwandans must step up.  It ends like this:

“But for the Rwandans who want him [Kagame] to stay, nothing will deter them from pushing for their cause. And, knowing that the President will do anything for his country to prosper and for the Rwandan people to live better lives, they certainly have ammunition for their cause. Of course no sane person wants to see Rwanda go back to its darkest days.
The assignment the RPF chairman has given the party members is definitely timely. The task to ensure that Rwanda maintains its course does not rest with the President alone. Change is inevitable and with just four years to 2017, all stakeholders must come up with a solution that will make the country a better place for Rwandans for many generations to come.”


Clever use of “Of course no sane person wants to see Rwanda go back to its darkest days,” no? It almost reads a bit like a threat–definitely tries to challenge how stable the country would be if Kagame left.

Rwandan Ministry of the Interior (MINITER).  “The task at hand for RPF cadreshttp://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/index.php?i=15265&a=63752 …” 10 Feb. 2013, 10:00 PM.  Tweet.


PS for future reference, this atlantic link discusses the proper way to cite a tweet, MLA style.


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