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RecycleMania March Update

By Sustainability Office on March 9, 2017

The numbers are in and this week’s recycling rate is about 14% – a statistic that is still far from our goal of 23%.

In case you missed it, RecycleMania is an 8-week competition in which universities aim to increase their recycling rates and decrease the amount of waste they are sending to local landfills. We have set a campus-wide goal to achieve a 23% recycling rate by the end of the competition, a 5% increase from our baseline 18% recycling rate. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved with RecycleMania and increase your personal recycling rate, visit our Green Raiders while they are tabling in the Coop until the end of the competition.

Our RecycleMania theme for this week is plastic! All week we will be focusing our recycling discussions around plastics, how their use can be reduced, how they can be reused, and how they can be recycled in Madison County. If you can’t come see us in the Coop or attend our signature plastics week event, below are some tips to get you started:

Reduce: The best way to help the environment (and our recycling rates) is to skip the plastic altogether. Along with key changes like carrying a water bottle and coffee mug, you might want to start carrying your own reusable utensils and straws. Want to know more ways to reduce your plastic use? Click here

Reuse: If you have plastic containers that you no longer need or want, consider giving them new life with a DIY project designed to reuse them. Not only will you decrease the amount of plastic going into the landfill, you will have a “new” item for no cost to you. Ready to get started? We already did a Pinterest search for you.

Recycle: Recycling your plastics at Colgate is a simple as could be. Just make sure it has the recycling symbol, clean it, and throw it in the recycling bin designated for bottles and cans. (Hint: your Coop soda lids and straws are NOT recyclable, but your Dunkin’ Donuts cup is)

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