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Meet the Fall 2019 Interns!

By Sustainability Office on November 5, 2019

Kelsey Bonham ‘22

Kelsey is a sophomore from Washington, DC, double majoring in Environmental Geography and Music.  In her free time, she enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors: sailing, skiing, sitting in a hammock. In terms of sustainability, she is most passionate about reducing physical consumer waste and strives to use reusable containers, thrifting clothes, buying foods in bulk, and generally living minimally not only for sustainability but also for a simpler lifestyle overall. Kelsey is also passionate about the intersection of sustainability and environmental/social justice, like how taking large-scale measures towards a more sustainable planet overall (such as transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources) will specifically help disadvantaged communities that experience the majority of the adverse effects of climate change while often contributing the least to its causes.

Miller Ward ‘20

Miller is a senior hailing from Thetford Center, Vermont. He is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Philosophy. He spends his free time camping, hiking, or rock climbing. He is passionate about saving the environment and preserving beauty in nature. Miller strongly believes that everything is in some way connected back to the physical world that we live in and that if we do not change how we are living, then we will not be able to protect it.

Cecilia Kane ‘20

Cecilia is from Alexandria, Virginia, and she is finishing up her senior year, double majoring in Geography and Spanish. Find her cooking, painting-by-number, and smiling longingly at pictures of her dog on her phone during her free time. Cecilia also enjoys photography. When we asked her about what she’s passionate about, she tells us: “Sustainability (duh), but also the people in my life! Most of the activities that I do revolve around personal relationships and forming connections across different groups, which makes me feel the most energetic and impactful.”

Aaron Tanaka ‘21

A junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Studies, Aaron is from San Diego, California. He enjoys cooking, dancing, rock climbing, listening to music, and eating good food during his free time. Aaron is passionate about changing his fellow peers’ attitudes and behaviors toward sustainability. Since this past summer, he has been actively working on the Oak Events Certification and undoubtedly, he is excited to encourage more sustainable events on campus through this initiative!

Elaina Alzaibak ‘20

Hailing from Tiverton, Rhode Island, Elaina is a senior majoring in Biology. She enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking, canoeing, and gardening. She hopes to become a large animal veterinarian and is passionate about integrating her career with sustainability in local agricultural systems.

Jacob Watts ‘21

Jacob is a junior from Erie, Pennsylvania, majoring in Biology and minoring in Geography. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, white water kayaking, and mountain biking. He is very passionate about plant ecology and how climate change is affecting plants in different ecosystems.

Caroline Barrett ‘20

Caroline, a senior from Vestal, New York, is double majoring in Environmental Geography and Psychology. She enjoys making banana bread during her free time, and she’s really passionate about club soccer.

Mak Bridge ‘20

Mak is a senior majoring in Environmental Geography. She is from Madison, New York. During her free time, Mak is either mostly outside, often photographing Colgate’s squirrels or watching movies. She is passionate about agriculture, dogs, pollinators, and Australia. And sustainability, of course!

Alexander Hansen ‘20

Alex is a senior from Wenham, Massachusetts, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Sociology. He spends a lot of time listening to music and learning about nerdy audiophile things surrounding music creation and sound systems. He tells us his passion for sustainability “is founded in wanting to learn about different cultures and how we are socialized in certain ways around issues of sustainability which includes everything from the environment to political opinions.” He is also passionate about finding a balance in life between the benefits industrialization has provided and creating systems and institutions that responsibly manage those benefits.

Ethan Reiser ‘21

Ethan, a junior from Greenville, Pennsylvania, is double majoring in History and Environmental Studies. In his free time, he either hangs out with his friends or eats food or does both. He is passionate about the environment, traveling, and food.


Samantha Lovely ‘20

Sam is a senior from Jupiter, Florida, double majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies. She enjoys horseback riding, going to the beach and paddleboarding during her free time. She is passionate about water conservation since “water is life!”

Adam Zaharoni ‘21

A junior from Yardley, Pennsylvania, Adam is double majoring in Geology and Classical Studies. During his free time, he hangs out with his friends, plays poker and enjoys watching tv. He is passionate about providing sources of clean water to everyone in the world because he believes it is a universal human right.

Jaanvi Sachdeva ‘21

Jaanvi is a junior double majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies, from Mamaroneck, New York.  During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, cooking, eating and most importantly, playing with her housemate’s dog. She is very passionate about encouraging a culture of climate action on campus and has been working hard to fulfill this as the co-president of Students for Environmental Action (SEA). She is also passionate about eating good food.

Luvna Dhawka ‘20

Luvna is a senior from Mahébourg, Mauritius (the only place where the Dodo bird was found!) majoring in Molecular Biology and minoring in Mathematical Systems Biology. During her free time, find her baking, cooking, gardening, trying new cuisines, listening to music or taking funny pictures of her friends. Recently she has been interested in the amount of plastic waste that laboratories generate. She is also passionate about learning more about the use of plants for medicinal purposes and in drug discovery. 

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