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Reflections from Turkey


I went to Turkey and all I got was this blog post – Saeed Mouzaffar

By Saeed Mouzaffar '15 on March 15, 2013

First off I need to say “Hi Mom, I’m still alive.” I was just told today you have been following these posts religiously so I finally gave in and decided to write my own blog post. As our last night in the hotel begins, I think I can look back and I’ve a fond recollection of my times here in Turkey. But, lets begin with what everyone wants to hear about, especially my mother, the food.

After a week, eating out in Turkey has gotten quite monotonous for most, but I have loved every minute of mealtime. From kebabs to hoards of eggs and tomatoes to baklava, I have been in food heaven for the past week. Even though the food isn’t the Syrian kind I’ve grown to know and love, it was similar enough to still fall in love with the food.

So much in Turkey reminds me of Syria (My father’s birthplace) it’s not even funny. The sights, tastes, and smells all make me feel so close to my ancestral home, yet so far. To think I have family literally only a few hundred miles away makes me feel extremely homesick to a city that I have not seen in almost 3 years. But still, there have been ways that I have gotten closer to my culture. For the first time, I went to a mosque and prayed for Friday prayer (which I know my father will appreciate). Also, I held my first slightly intelligible Arabic conversation with a very shady shoe dealer.

It’s hard to condense my entire experience into one short blog post but with new friendships, new experiences, new memories, and especially new souvenirs, I hope I can bring Turkey back to my life in America in a few short hours. Hopefully I can come back to this place in the future, not as a tourist, but as a friend. (I tried for too long to make that line less cliche, but it is truly impossible hah!)

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  • Marcy Mouzaffar said:

    My love you have made your Mum cry. I knew it was you from the first sentence. I have longed to see a post from you. I am so proud of the man you have become and that you have had this experience on your own. Dad and I know how proud you are of your Arabic background and that makes us so happy. I am especially thankful that you have had the best time eating what you enjoy. Congrats on your first conversation (on your own in Arabic). Can’t wait to see you when you return, we will make plans to come to Colgate to see you when your schedule allows. God be with you on your trip home. I will love you always my son. Mum

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