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How to Vote While Studying Abroad

By Aaron Solle on August 25, 2016
Although you won’t be able to visit a local polling station on November 8, you may cast your vote via absentee ballot according to the requirements and policies specific to your state of residence.
How to Vote While Studying Abroad explains the simple steps you must follow to vote:
  • If you are uncertain about your voter registration status, check www.canivote.org.
  • Submit a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to register (if you are not already registered) and request an absentee ballot. It is important to observe your state’s deadlines!
  • Receive an electronic or hard copy ballot. Complete the ballot. And submit the ballot before the posted deadline. (Put an individual ballot in an envelope with correct postage and mail from Colgate or your country of study to your state of residence.)
Whether you have already departed the United States or are still in the country, we at Colgate’s Center for International Programs encourage you to vote via absentee ballot!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Off-Campus Study at off-campusstudy@colgate.edu.

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