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Anthony DeRose ’18 interns in King’s County Supreme Court

By Contributing Writer on January 9, 2018

Anthony DeRose '18

I interned for the Chief Administrative Judge for the Supreme Court of King’s County, Criminal Term. I worked closely with my judge, Hon. Matthew D’Emic, as well as Karen Kleinberg, the principal law clerk for Judge D’Emic’s chambers. I helped analyze grand jury minutes and case files to determine whether there was sufficient evidence and testimony to fit the appropriate statutes and crimes that were being charged to defendants. I took full advantage of the Court’s internship program in visiting other judge’s court rooms and sitting in on their own criminal trials.

My summer experience this summer confirmed and validated my passion for law, going to law school, and working in the legal field thereafter. I enjoyed working in the criminal justice system, as well as analyzing evidence to determine their legal sufficiency. I also sharpened my skills to read closely, especially when analyzing grand jury minutes to determine whether a crime is appropriate to fit a particular statute.

Taylor Ellerkamp ’17 Interns at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office

By Contributing Writer on December 10, 2015
Taylor Ellerkamp '17 interned with at a local county prosecutor's office

Taylor Ellerkamp ’17 interned at a local county prosecutor’s office in Ohio.

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at the county prosecutor’s office in my hometown of Marion, Ohio. My main responsibility was reviewing case files for upcoming trials. I read over police reports and witness statements, took notes, and filled in one of the assistant prosecutors on the most important details of the case. I was also able to attend hearings and trials as an observer on a regular basis. I was able to learn about the various responsibilities of a prosecutor. In addition to one jury trial, I sat in on many custody and child support hearings. As a result, I had the unique opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the legal system in my county from beginning to end.
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