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Penelope Belnap ’19 interns in publishing at Penguin Random House

By Chelsea Lehmann on March 5, 2019

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to intern at the book publisher Penguin Random House. I worked for the publicity department of Random House Books and worked under Cynthia Murray, a deputy director of publicity. The publicity departments job is to raise awareness and inspire excitement about Random House books through earned media. Cynthia’s job as a publicist is to develop relationships with media contacts and pitch them books to review, discuss, or feature.

As the publicity intern, I was given the chance to oversee each step of the publicity process through my work with Jeanne Marie Laskas book To Obama. I wrote the press release, researched coverage of similar books, looked into local media outlets, and then developed a pitch list of the most relevant contacts for Cynthia.            

My time at Random House provided me with a wealth of knowledge of the ins and outs of publicity as well as the necessary skills for a career in this industry. In addition, I was able to learn about another side of publishing, the editorial department, through my peer mentor, Emma Caruso, who is an Assistant Editor at Random House. I volunteered to read submissions, write readers reports, and draft response letters for her to send to agents, which we discussed in weekly meetings. This experience taught me that I am not only passionate about and fascinated by publicity, but also by editorial, and I will continue working with her informally this year to continue learning. Thanks to this summer internship, I have the skills and the connections I need to pursue my dream of working in book publishing.

Victoria Tarantino ’16 Interns at Prada

By Contributing Writer on December 9, 2015

Victoria Tarantino '16 combined her love of fashion and women's studies at Prada in NYC

Victoria Tarantino ’16 combined her love of fashion and women’s studies at Prada in NYC.

During my time at Prada, I worked underneath the Public Relations Managers and Assistants of the men and women’s collections. My main responsibilities included collecting both digital and print press clippings of any mentions of Prada or its brands (Miu Miu, Chuch’s and Carshoe). I was also responsible for taking inventories of samples, pulling samples for sendouts, delivering samples for photoshoots, trafficking magazines to employees, and updating the expected credit reports, which I had predicted in my proposal. I would constantly ask for new projects and offer my help in any way possible because I wanted to learn as much as I could about both fashion PR and Prada.

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